Because I want to Fit In

Day 127 of 365.

A few months ago I had the realization that I was helpless without my calendar. With the social calendar of an overzealous sports kid in HS, my days and nights were jam packed flittering from event to friend to outing. I became the person who sent ical invites for EVERYTHING. Lunch meetings? ical invite. Visit my sisters house? ical. Dinner and a movie? ical. Drunk brunch? ical. Hang out on the couch and talk shit about the bitch from the office? ical.

One week, I was so busy planning out my week (at this point even my closest friends had to make plans with me at least 2 weeks in advance), I realized that I had never ONCE scheduled time out for myself to work on my magazine.

I had let my time to work on the magazine fall off the sidelines, only to be worked at in the wee hours of the night if I wasn’t too drunk or tired from a night out, and only IF I had the makings of creativity at that hour. If not, it would be a Netflix infused night or stalking on social media feeling like I SHOULD be doing something else, but never really doing it.

I decided that I would set aside time for myself.

I set an ical reminder for myself — every Monday and Wednesday it would remind me “Work on We Were Wanderers and Bettering Yourself”. There were a few times where I would make plans, but more so — it made me reconsider my time and with whom I spent it with. Those weekly reminders soon turned into weeklong reminders that read “MEDIUM ARTICLE” aka THIS.

And soon I had to turn off both reminders since they had come in handy and were taking up all my ical space.

TIME is the key topic here.

I need to figure out how to spend my time more efficiently, and how to plot out future goals. I did some research — and found how to develop OKR’s which OK — I just read about the term a few weeks ago and used the terms a bunch of times but never really knew what they were, let alone what the acronym stood for. I just know Google uses them, and I should do it and “because I want to fit in”.

Just kidding, or am I really?

Perhaps I spent too much of my life trying to fit in even when I thought I was being a rebellious anti sorority mindset. Aren’t we all? Isn’t that why we feel bad about ourselves when we’re not at a certain place in life, or a certain type of way? Or don’t think in a certain type of way?

I’ve come to the realization that my discontent with life comes from trying to fit in too hard, and not giving myself time to figure out how I fit into my own life, thus using the calendar to craft tangible time for myself. I think that any time we spend on improving ourselves is necessary and essentially bettering ourselves and the worlds around us.

I now am giving myself until the end of December to have some tangible results. This will be the purpose of my next article.

September to December

Here is a great article I found about OKR’s. I think they should be applicable to not only one’s career but also one’s personal life.

Here’s an example of OKR’s I found from the above article. I’ll be using the below as a template for my article tomorrow to figure out some guidelines on how I should progress with WWW.

Objective: Increase Quorum user base
Key Results: NIKET, MATT
Increase per day views to 1,000
Total monthly uniques 45,000
Objective: Get validation that Quorum is useful from users
Key Results: MATT, NIKET, REED
● Increase upgrade conversion rate to 10%
● Increase MAU (assumed to be flawed) to 30% using our analytics
● 70% of newly acquired users answer questions at least 100 times
Objective: Improve infrastructure
Key Results: NAT, REED
● Automate builds using hubot-like functionality
Reduce latency on requests by 50%
Objective: Improve question matching technology
Key Results: KAREEM, REED
● Attempt 5 major algorithm improvements
● Build an algorithm accuracy measurement tool and achieve 80% positively matched question results
Objective: Refresh Quorum App UX & Design
Key Results: XANDER, NIKET
● Make a new, awesome, version of Quorum with 100% team approval
● 90% of current monthly active user base agrees this is an improvement from current iteration
● Launch new logo & app icon on app, website, social media, blog
● Refresh app store screenshots & copy
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