Day 120 of 365.

I’m excited!

For the past few weeks I’ve been working steadily on the content for WWW. There have been many late night, adrenaline fueled nights and weekends spent glued to the laptop writing in hellish fury, the articles that would be sent out to my first batch of beta readers.

So far, there have been 2 editions within the past 3 weeks. My beta email list of close friends and family started out at around 85 and has now grown to 137 including some strangers that I wasn’t suspecting signing up.

Social media wise- IG is at 207(after an incredible growth in the first week from 160–220, and then a quick decrease from what I assume were fake followers).

Facebook- 188 from 120 last week.

And while I should be working on my other social media elements as well, I’m still trying to figure it exactly what my content is. Up till now, Ive been fortunate to have an incredible talent pool of contributors to choose from, one such that comes from

A- working in a creative industry (advertising ppl are notorious for having a side hustle of creativity)

B- traveling. The amount of diverse ppl Ive met means that Ive met some incredible ppl with incredible talents and stories

C- talking to people and finding out what their passions are. You’d be surprised to find out what ppl are talented at when you simply ask.

Ive got some incredible interviews and stories coming up for the next few weeks- an interview with a geospatial developer, a female race car driver from Canada, a producer turned photographer who took an incredible 10 day journey across the Southwest of the US, a Canadian photographer who cycled across India, the life of a food influencer and the real suggestions of a Parisian in Paris.

It’s a LOT, and for one person I know it’s only a matter of burnout, sometime, somehow. I’ll have to figure out a process of efficiency to not only Interview and write these stories, but to share them as much as possible.

But mostly, I’m most excited for our immersive content. Stay tuned because we’ll be sharing these stories in ways you haven’t experienced before. This week, we’ll be launching a test piece of immersive content- of which I will be happy to hear your thoughts.

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My collaborators so far have been incredible. And I’m excited to see how this takes shape. It’s been incredible to start to see some traction, especially support and interest from strangers!

My goals for this are to achieve 12,000 subscribers/readers by December 31,2017. Is it too insane of a goal?! We’ll just have to find out! I’ll be developing my OKRs and actual definable goals this week. More needs to be done re story, sharing and presentation. Onwards and upwards!