Day 168 of 365.

It’s been more bad days than good days. Reflecting on this entrepreneurial journey so far, it seems like the bulk of the days are spent in insecurity and mapping. The days with an “ah hah” moment are few and far between!

I’m comfortable with the feeling of having tried it, and done it, than having never tried and regretting it. At least I know. No REGERTS (misspelling is on purpose).

If I could physically map out the journey, it’d look something like this. Currently, I think I’m at the bottom of the barrel, going from enthusiastic and excited to…how the hell am I going to make this happen?

What part of the story am I? What part of the story are you? Building this site, feels like I’m giving birth to a baby. It’s been six months, and I’ve got 2 more days months to go before I pop out this bad boy into the world. I’m hoping I’m not wrong about this chart, and where I am. I’m hoping it’s only one way from here, up.