Editing Ideas — How do We Develop the Ideas in Our Head?

Day 4 of 31. A monthlong experiment to bettering myself by writing a new article everyday. Follow me as I experiment to see what type of progress I can make in 31 days to try and build my magazine, We Were Wanderers.

Ideas are fickle.

They come and go like goldfish swimming through a koi pond, if you’re lucky you might just catch a few iridescent flecks of gold.

And just like that, one of the most beautiful designs you’ve ever seen in your life, disappears immediately into the depths, leaving you wondering if you ever truly got a full glance at it.

Ordinary People

Everyone has ideas, but few have the patience and consistency to put them to action. For years, I was scared of drawing on my dreams. How would I start my own business? How would I get funding? How would I navigate LLC’s? How would I….everything?

The other day, I was talking to a friend who wanted to own a coffee shop. He wanted to open one in a pre-gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood. It would become a communal place for studying and meeting for the younger generation, who had no place to go. It was just what the neighborhood needed, and for simplicity’s sake — the idea sounded great.

But of course, he had his reservations. This was a big task, with even more money and resources to lose. How was he ever going to pull this off?

I sat down next to him and said, “Look out the window. I want you to look at every single house, every single shop, every single car, every single tree…each of those things is someone’s dream turned into a reality. At one point, someone dreamed to build that house, and it was someone else’s to own it. That was someone’s dream to own that car, and another’s to plant that tree. If people from countries outside of the US can do it without speaking the language, well, so can you.”

Trying to go after your ideas can be scary as hell. There are so many more NO’s and “Probably shouldn’t” than there are “successes and fuck yeses”. We are made to feel as if we should have been born with some inherent talent, money, magic, skill and luck to build our ideas into success, but in reality — it’s just a lot of effort and hard work. It’s working on your project when all you want to do is sleep (it is currently 2:22am), talking to people and hearing yourself speak and seeing people’s reactions to you. It’s speaking about your idea to people, and planting those seeds.

Whenever I feel down, I just tell myself to look out the window and see all the dreams that have been created already. If they can, so can I, and so can you.

What happens to ideas when they never leave your brain?

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