Goals and Feeling Off Kilter

Day 106

Keystones habits.

Lately Ive been thinking a lot about keystone habits and how impactful one change can lead to better, more enriching lives. Working out, or writing daily can lead to better self confidence, treating people better, ability to achieve goals etc…

Today, I thought of how negative keystone impacts can affect entire lives. I talked to my friend today who is currently in Peru, and what should have been a positive life affirming experience turned into a chain of unfortunate events.

After her bag was stolen (with passport, wallet, iPhone, camera, money, eyeglasses) from a collectivo bus, the whole month accumulated into a “fuck my life”. From not getting into buses because she didn’t have a passport to taking 33 hour bus rides to boats sinking to hell I can’t keep up. It was a 2 hour phone call of shit that kept piling up and up and up.

It’s so important to make good decisions, and choose wisely. Either way you decide to live your life, even the smallest good or bad decision is going to have a major impact on your life. So make sure to choose good ones.

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