It’s All About Balance, Isn’t it?

Day 53 of 100.

I’m really happy today.

Today felt like an achievement. For the past year and two months, I have been working with a relatively new and unknown production company.

Its a small team, and an incredible group of directors but being small and unknown has its challenges. DEEP challenges.

For the last year, I was knocking on doors and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere. Old contacts that I had known for years from previous jobs simply couldn’t trust a small company with their large projects. In an over saturated market, they had hundreds of companies and directors with bigger names than ours to go to.

New agencies that I did screenings with loved our work but never called us for work. Or if they did, things often fell apart and bid after bid after bid and not winning jobs, I felt like I was fighting a useless battle. And I felt so guilty all the time.

As a sales person, I feel the weight of the entire company on my shoulders. By winning one single job, I am building the directors reel, feeding the company and giving jobs to crews of 8+ ppl on any given shoot. When I don’t, I feel like I am letting them all down.

But FUCK THAT! I feel great today!!!!!

Because finally, after 14 months- i feel like I’ve finally made some traction. Some recognition. Some sign that all my efforts made sense and that I’m not crazy!

Hell yeaaaa!!!

Gosh- so many hours and days and feeling so down and letting down everyone SUCKS. Sales sucks, until it’s good.

And today, we had two exciting shoots happening with two of our female directors. So happy to get some traction for them. And we have a few more things coming down the pipeline, we were shortlisted for a Cannes Lion too.

I was going to leave the company two months ago. In the end, I decided to work remotely/freelance so that I could do We Were Wanderers.

It made me realize, that giving up is too easy. Its too easy to give up before you see results. They come, but after a shit ton of ass hustling.

And for me- that was technically after 5 years of working in sales? One year and TWO months at this company- that for the first day ever, I felt super confident and happy in MYSELF doing this.

I’m hoping the ball continues and we keep blowing up, but I know this is a sign for my magazine to NOT give up too early. Expect the patience and time it will take, and above all- NOT give up. Because who knows how close we will be to seeing some results?

I have to tell you, it feels like such a relief to know that my efforts have made some results. I’m going to dive into these two days feeling very accomplished, then I’ll get back to hustling.

Plus I’ve been taking care of myself (10k steps a day, healthy breakfast, got my nails done, listened to a super inspiring interview from the founders of the skimm) I feel great.

I hope you do too, and not quit. I really do think that a change in perspective helps a lot too.

And if you want to check out this incredibly inspiring chat I listened to this AM…