Losing Value

Day 165 of 365.

Before I get into anything with this article, all I have to say is, FUCK Harvey Weinstein. What a grade A prick. Way to take a power trip and really perpetuate the fat, old creepy guy stereotype. To be honest, I wasn’t even surprised when the story hit the news, not like I knew of him as a person, but simply because, all throughout my professional career and day to day life, there has been some sort of older, creepy dude who’s bent his lines just a little too much.

Breaking it down

His staff was pulled into it, female secretaries were included in the beginning of meetings to make the actresses feel “comfortable” and then left Weinstein alone with them. All throughout the industry he was known as a creep and ranked pretty damn high on the douche-o-meter. Women tried to report him, but each time was shut down through a lengthy, laborious and petty blacklisting, meeting with his lawyer or flip of the switch, turn the tables to attack the victim type threat. At some point, shouldn’t there have been someone to say, “Hey, this doesn’t feel kosher. This feels like the type of behavior that we get sent to Hell for. Maybe we shouldn’t do this”?

This makes me think of how individual we really are, and whether or not as humans we’re really just a bunch of sheep. We’re all like Boxer from Animal Farm, pulling the perpetual wagon of work for an ideology, never questioning anything despite how many red flags we see and feel. I honestly don’t know how to react with creepy dudes, and when I was in my younger twenties (as many of the models/actresses/Weinstein victims) were, I wouldn’t have known what to do in that situation either. It’s a shocking position, to have someone fatherlike and professional approach you — but now, if it does happen again, I’ll call them out. Because, people behave in chains, and once someone says it’s acceptable by not saying anything, the person after them and after them will do the same thing. We need more people to break the said chain. Ugh — by the way, I know how awful this writing is at this moment, but whatever. It’s 1:37am and I’m tired.

And now, back to my original ramblings…

How is our intrinsic value determined to one another?

From romantic relationships to friendly ones, and even the professional ones. How do we put value on one another? How do we define how important someone is to us, without a numerical value? Do we ascertain simply through societal expectations? How long they keep our interest? How much they can provide for us? Mutual respect? How they make us feel?

And what happens when all those tidbits fall into place? How long does that value last for? We see relationships fade away, best friends become strangers and couples become obligations. Cool bands become oldies, and Abercrombies become yesterday’s coolwear. I want to know, how is value assigned and how can I maintain it?

How do we fall in and out of love, without even realizing that we are measuring one another? In the back of our minds, we are constantly measuring up. And I wonder, how often do we do it to ourselves?

Providing value is the number one “game changer” of every startup and marketing guru out there right now. “Create high quality content” and “tell stories” that matter. How the hell are we as a society still fucking up? It floors me, completely floors me how people, politicians, celebrities can fuck up and how easily they can abscond from the scandals within a few weeks, once the press blows over. Perhaps it’s the fatalistic flaw of humankind that we, as a mass are immune to reason these days, our instincts dulled by the mechanisms of society and rhyme and reason.

I think we’re in the middle of a renaissance right now. If you’re not here to have a voice, to stand up for something, to make the world a better place and give a platform to voices that didn’t have them before, than sit the fuck down. We have work to do. I constantly come back to why I want to make this magazine, and at the end of the day, I know that it is to inspire and make people better yada yada yada, but it’s to fix the media. Our media scape is terrible, especially the advertising and Hollywood industries with their masturbatory awards shows.

What will your role be in the renaissance?

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