Off Days. They Happen.

Sometimes you’re the pigeon, sometimes you’re the statue

Day 24 of 31.

Grind. Hustle. Sweat. Grit. Struggle. They’re all endearing terms you’d find in any budding entrepreneur’s vocabulary.

In it’s most basic understanding, hard work begets success. The obsessive drive that we see budding entrepreneurs have is worn like a war medal. This drive is what separates the successful from the norm. In that sense, it seems that if we are constantly hustling, moving we will get there.

It’s impossible to be absolutely 1000 percent everyday.

It’s not humanly possible. There will be days where you have too much shit going on, that you won’t be able to dedicate enough time to your project. I don’t mean an “I don’t want to work today” mentality, but a “holy shit, I’m working two jobs today and have a going away dinner and a friend visiting”.

Sometimes, we have off days where we try our best to squeeze in some time, and still don’t get to make it. Sometimes we have days where we sit and stare at the laptop for hours rewriting the same sentence over and over again. Sometimes we feel like the world doesn’t make sense and we question doing this in the first place.

But the important thing is to know that these feelings are ok. It’s ok to have doubts and questions, it’s what motivates us in the end and keeps us humble. Knowing there are off days is what will keep us from being held to an insane standard of 1000% positive propelling everyday.

Today, I didn’t get to do all that I wanted to do, and that’s ok. But I still made time to write and having this structure makes me feel confident that I won’t fall off the magazine completely if I have one off day. In fact, I loved my off day. I had dinner with friends and laughed till my stomach hurt. I forgot about stress and lived in the moment. I put my phone away and got to read a book during my lunch break.

I know that having an off day won’t break me now.

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