Stories for Someone

Day 58 of 100.

There is a power within all of us to change, uplift and give back to the world” — Thurman E Scott, BNW foundation

We know the surface well.

The etches that make up and frame our faces. The weekend catch up by the water cooler. The skimming of the news on our FB and email feeds. We know it.

But there are stories in our minds. They are cinemas in our heads, at times grandiose and fantastic and others debilitating in a fog. We don’t talk about these too often. It’s too hard to.

Stories like those don’t always go viral or show up on your newsfeed. They don’t get to the point and make life inspiring and easy in «ten easy genius steps». They don’t solve problems, they simply add to your perspective. They add insight and context to the way you view, act and develop in this world.

Stories that are in our heads matter.

We live in a content consuming world. Videos that take teams of dreamers to make are skipped through in 15 seconds on a vertical phone. It seems all the guys who’ve «figured it out» – virality, sharing, conversions, web traffic have taken up all the space on the board.

They’re taking all the big pieces, calling all the shots and building the same things over and over again. A few outliers here and there, but everyone else simply follows.

So I think there’s a place for a small group that simply comes in for the taking with their ideas. They take risks. They talk to consumers and see what it is they really want. They come in from a place of passion. You should take risks and speak your honest truth – it’s refreshing for that perspective sometimes.

We spend everyday consuming, consuming, consuming – we need to take time out to let some of that out everyday through creation. An outlet.

Those stories in your head may not seem so interesting to you, but they are. There are always stories for someone.

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