Day 121 of 365.

I wonder how many people are happy with their lives.

I really do.

I wonder why it’s so hard for people to share their feelings, and talk about what they’re really thinking? What’s the fear?

I think the saddest thing would be to live a life of fear, and to live in a factory wondering, dreaming if you would ever make it out of there.

Do you think there is some greater power out there that controls your destiny? That when you put your hopes and dreams into a bucket spews out a control session- eager to hear what you are thinking about?

For some reason I don’t thinks so.

I think men at this age are thinking about other things, and women are thinking of their careers. Will there ever be a moment where they intertwine? Are the chances of two people being on the same wavelenth impossible?

Is there such thing, if ever, of a soulmate? Are people ever able to be themselves entirely with another person?

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