Speaking Will Forever Be Better than Writing

Day 15 of 31. A monthlong experiment to bettering myself by writing a new article everyday. Follow me as I experiment to see what type of progress I can make in 31 days to try and build my magazine, We Were Wanderers.

I’m exactly halfway through my month long challenge to write a new Medium post everyday, and give up drinking. So far, so good. Writing has been oddly comforting, enjoyable and not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. The same goes for giving up drinking — I truly feel as if I am inching closer in the right direction simply by cutting out a vice and replacing it with a much more, productive outlet. Feels kind of like replacing a burger with a big healthy salad (I do love my burgers though)…

I spend hours writing my idea, and on paper (screen), it seems to make such perfect sense. In my head, the words all seem to make kinetic patterns, sparking in the silkish spiderweb that forms a great idea, and yet, today as I chatted on the phone with a very good friend of mine, I could barely relay my idea.

So for tonight, I’m going to spend a little less time writing and more time speaking my ideas out loud. I don’t care what place you are in your ideation, but I know that talking about your idea will help you find the words that seem never to appear at the right time.

A quick analysis of progress since I started writing everyday:

  • Presented in public to an agency
  • Drank possibly 40 cups of coffee
  • Had numerous meetings, hangsies with super fun, motivational entrepreneurial minded folks that I now call my friends
  • Started a daily checkin of goals
  • Lost on a shit ton of sleep, with an average bed time of 2/3AM. Will change that this week.
  • Given up on proper eating and meals. I need to incorporate breakfast, lunch and less coffee
  • Have gotten more collaborators and people interested in my idea, so there is that:)
  • Hopefully, have inspired one of you readers to go and chase whatever your idea is!
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