Nice Guys Finish Last (In Business)
Manuel Maccou

This actually reminds me a lot of sales. Over the Years I’ve taken out so many «potential clients» to lunches, dinners, drinks, special events on the corporate dime and only a tiny percent have brought me projects. It can be SO frustrating when you put in all this effort and don’t get a result- it doesn’t make any sense at all! What I’ve come to realize is that it’s having the right product, numbers, consistency, and proper timing. So many factors have to come into play, but if you hit up enough ppl- the odds will be in your favor. And you’re absolutely right- we have to be a resource, maybe the most established person won’t be able to help you, but the person right below them might! Some ppl won’t see your shine, but doesn’t mean you’re not shining!!! Just gotta find the right people!

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