Turkish Coup & Fethullah Gulen: The Truth.

Dear people who struggle to understand what the hell is going on in Turkey,

I am trying to put myself in your shoes and it indeed is difficult to understand. Yesterday, I tried to explain these all to a Dutch friend of mine. After reading tweets of some NBA reporters who think Enes Kanter is a brave man for standing tall, I had enough and decided to write this. Western media could not be more wrong about Fethullah Gulen. Fethullah Gulen is a terrorist who killed more than 300 people. His organization turned an incredible amount of people’s lives into hell. Forget the coup attempt, his organization violated the human rights of incredible amount of people. His organization’s name should be synonymous to cruelty. Had the coup prevailed, more than 10000 people could have been executed. They identified 20000000(Yes, twenty effing million) who do not support their organization. His disciples were aware of what they were doing but they did not care. Because they believed their ultimate goal was so big, so holy that, every crime they commit on the way, are justified. Yes, you read the last sentence right.

When you read the news, I know it doesn’t make sense that an Imam, a so called moderate religious leader, organized a coup attempt. Most of you may even think that Erdogan is behind all of this. But when you try to draw the map, it totally and absolutely makes sense. Gulen is behind the bloody coup attempt. We were quick to make conclusions because there are millions of people belonging his group. And we saw everything unfolding right in front of our very eyes.

I think it is better to do this in a self Q&A format.

Q 1) Who is Fethullah Gulen? And is he really the man behind all of this?

Well that is a very complex question to answer. He is the “religious” leader of Gulenist movement. But his organization uses religion for its quest to power. Basically it is anything but a religious organization. They have highly ranked people in every single important government entity including Intelligence agency, army, police forces and every single ministery that you can think of. Gulen lives in USA on a 400 acre farm that is built by sucker money since the end of 1990’s. Oh, according to him, he says he only has a couple of clothes and stays only in two rooms of that farm. He adds that he pays the rent of that two rooms! So, how did he do this?

His movement identified and then used the weaknesses of the Turkish system extremely well for 40+ years. The origin is mosques. In Turkey, Imams, the religious people leading the prayers in mosques, are not well educated people. When you have the linguistic ability to manipulate, the people can become blindly loyal. Since it requires you to learn to read in a very different language, a lot of opportunists came up to mislead millions of people. It is very easy to tackle their minds by using religion. Gulen touches very sensitive accords in those people’s minds. In short, they lost the ability to question. Some of them believe he is a Messiah, some believe he is a very good person that anything goes through his heart, Allah makes it happen. His disciples does not spend an hour without thinking about their organization. Gulen, or Hizmet as they like to refer to their organization, became their life. So much that Hizmet sometimes determines who should marry who. And yes, you read the last sentence right also.

Unlike Turkish education system, these people are well organized. If you are poor, it is very very difficult to have a proper education. First, he started off with religious speeches in mosques. Hundreds of people gathered in his speeches. After gathering a certain number of followers, he asked people to donate to his organization, so that they can provide scholarship to those poor people. Then he started to provide accommodation to those poor ones in apartments that are funded by his wealthy followers. Then his organization become big enough to provide educational services on weekends. We call them dersane and not only those poor people but also a very good number of wealthy people attended them. If you are poor, it was free but if you are wealthy enough it was not. Later on he started to open up his own private schools in Turkey. An unknown number of schools in unknown number of countries followed. While doing that, there was a constant brain washing process with books, videotapes and conversation groups. His people were forcing, I mean literally forcing, everybody to subscribe to his magazine, newspaper and also collecting incredible amount of non-tax money that no one can dream of. Followers of this organization had to donate certain percentage of their income every single month. Forget that, some of the biggest companies’ owners supported this organization for so long. They used to donate figures that no one can dream of. I think no company in Turkey has more cash than Gulen’s organization because basically, this is non-tax money.

Gulen’s propoganda magazine, Sızıntı. This is the cover of May 2016. The poem in the middle is about salvation. And the uniform of the person obviously belongs to a soldier.

When you provide all those privileges to those poor ones, you have thousands and thousands of people who are ready to die for you. In every single entity of this organization, students were raised as militants. They were made aware of organization’s quest to power. Organization was only raising this students to use them later on. And those militants are the ones who sneaked into the every single entity of government slowly. When we have High school and University exams, students coming from Gulenist organizations were always on top. Most of them were very bright people. But, they were given guarantees about their achivements. What they did was, their people sneaked into the organizations that prepare the questions for those exams. Gulenists handed out the questions. They also had access to questions of military and police examinations. When the students questioned the way the questions are given, they were told that Gulen saw the questions in his dream.

Make no mistake, their militants were smart people. They were able to cover their true identities for so long. They were given go by Gulen himself to commit some sins that Islam normally prevents so that they can wear a mask on their identities. After a while, militants were able to place themselves on very high ranks. In the meanwhile, they were torturing, harassing the ones who don’t belong to and refuse to belong to Gulenist movements. Eventually, not being able to stand this torture, thousands of people left their respective government entities. Leaving those entities to Gulenists.

We should not undermine AKP’s involment in this process. After winning their first election, AKP needed allies against the very strong secularist establishment. Gulenists were ready to help. Up until 2012, Gulenists and AKP were allies. That’s why their ability to impose their will on very critical entities was piece of cake. In 17/12/2013 we learned that a very serious number of AKP officials and ministers were accused of corruption. I have no doubt in my mind that this was true. Yet, the way corruption case came up was a sham. With the help of their officers in intelligence agency, Gulenists were listening the phone calls and were able to keep track of all the corruption related activities. The problem was, their evidences dated back to 2011–2012. If you release them so late, It is obviuos that you are keeping them as a bargaining chip. Gulenists were not against the corruption, they just used it for their benefit. Most of wealthy Gulenists became extremely wealthy because of corruption anyway. It backed off. From that point on, AKP-Erdogan started a battle with Gulenists like we have never seen before.

To wrap up, It all started with education. With a constant ISIS level brainwashing Gulenists raised militants and sneaked into government. A 3 year battle ended-hopefully- with jets and tanks shooting civillians. Fethullah Gulen is the mastermind behind it.

Q 2) Didn’t Erdogan do all of this?

No he did not. Look you may get the impression that, basically anything that happens in Turkey, goes through him and you are right. At least that’s what we thought. We knew these Gulenists are well organized people and they were everywhere. But we didn’t know they were capable of this. We at least thought there was no risk of a coup in Turkey. There are thousands and thousands of prisoned soldiers and highly ranked military officials. They knew the consequences of a failed coup. To think that they would risk everything and I mean everything for Erdogan’s politicaly agenda is flat out stupid. It takes only ISIS kind of brainwashing to do this. Erdogan has blind supporters but this is something else. This is a commitment that only Gulenists people can do. I know this is difficult to understand. But you really have to live in Turkey and get glimpse of those people to fully understand it. Trust me. Erdogan is an authoritative figure but he is not stupid. And in a political sense, you might as well say that he is a political genius. In a coup attempt so many things can go wrong. Stakes are too high. You either take down the government or you become a traitor. Erdogan has so many powers and he is smart enough to not risk them. You may not know it, but he lost one of his closest friends on the bridge.

The minute the coup failed

Look, there were some small breaks during that night. Had one or two of them went according to the plan, I wouldn’t be able to write this piece. If the intelligence agency didn’t figure out that there would be a coup, it would have started at 3:00 a.m. not at 10:00 pm. And it would have succeeded. If Erdogan could not have been able to talk to CNN Turk, It would have succeeded. If Erdogan was 15 minutes late to leave his hotel, it would have succeeded and he would be dead now. There are just so many. But I don’t want to write them all.

Q 3) Isn’t Gulen a moderate Islamic leader?

Hell no. Look, you didn’t expect a cruel coup leader to come out and say that he was behind this coup, did you? This is a mask. He is trying to picture himself as a moderate Islamic leader. If you spend enough time with them, it is easy to understand he is not. This is a very very selfish organization. There are three types of people for them. 1) Gulenists who they can use for their benefits 2) Non-Gulenists who they are trying to capture for their future usage 3) Their enemies.

Over the last 10 days, he is saying he is against all the coups. That is as big of as a lie it gets. He knows western media’s hate for Erdogan so he is using their tendency to believe him. He trusts that none of them will investigate whether this is true. He openly supported bloody 1980 coup. He openly encouraged 1998 post-modern coup. Gulen also says that he condemns our government harsh treatment of Kurds. I wish that was true. AKP started a peaceful convention process with Kurds. Our intelligence agency met with PKK officials in Oslo. Do you know who leaked this info and pictured our head of Intelligence agency as a traitor? Yup, your guess is spot on. In 2011, 34 Kurdish people were killed by Drones in Uludere, Turkey. I have no doubt in my mind who is/are behind.

In addition to those, with their heavy presence in our Justice System, they were able to present fake evidences to imprison so many innocent people. Just take a look at Sledgehammer and Ergenekon cases. Harvard Professor Dani Rodrik has written quite accurate pieces, as his father in law was also jailed.

Gulenists know right people. They are manipulating the truths in the western media. For example, Enes Kanter from the OKC Thunder openly tried to provoke people in his Twitter account. In return, he received death threats by some idiots. But that shouldn’t cloud the fact that Kanter did as equally disgusting things. He made fun of the lady who was forced by a gun to announce coup manifest. He defended Gulen. He called the coup fake. He hasn’t participated in our national team since 2011. NBA reporters believe it is due to his “political” beliefs. It is partly true, but not entirely. In the summers of 2012–2013 he rejected National Team’s invitation. He rejected to communicate with them. Finally he faked his injury. Now he is using the political tension to cloud this.

All in all, it is a travesty to present Fethullah Gulen and his movement as moderate Muslims. Geert Wilders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are as moderate as him in their respective countries. Just have a look at Youtube for the bombing videos regarding that night. It is horrible. A person commanding this, should be called MANIAC. Not moderate.

I was not happy with my country before 15 of July. I am not happy today. I don’t feel a commitment to any political parties. I wish there was a proper one. What happened on the 15/07/2016 left me extremely frustrated. I will never support Erdogan. But don’t expect me to support these cruel terrorists.

Pay attention to the flags. None of them belong to a Political party. They are all Turkish flags.

On 14th of july, Turkey was a polarized country. No one had tolerance to an opposition. At least now, we have hope. It is a small chance. But still a chance. Despite not being happy with Turkey, today I love it more than before.

Today there are millions of people protesting coup in Turkey in streets everyday. These are mostly AKP followers. But not entirely. On Sunday the main opposition party also gathered their people in Taksim. The other parties’ followers were invited. And there were incredible number of people. They were there to protest the coup. They were also there to protest Gulen.

I salute all those brave man who prevented the coup attempt. They are heroes. We owe them.

We owe them a lot.