Why Dental X-Rays Are Important

Dentistry has been benefited from change in technology. Now, we have advanced tools and machinery that can diagnose oral cancer in minute, correct crooked teeth in a year, treat gum disease without surgery, and many more. However, dental x-rays still stand prominent when it comes to diagnosing several dental and oral health issues.

To make sure that your smile stays bright, healthy and free of any issues; your dentist may suggest oral x-rays of your teeth. These x-rays can show image of entire jaw, a group of teeth or a single tooth.

What are x-rays?

X-rays are of short wavelength as compared to visible light. These rays have the ability to pass through soft tissues of the body. Hence, it can draw a picture of what’s going on in your body. If we talk about its importance, it would be pretty difficult to treat cavities, broken bones and cancer without the help of x-rays. X-rays have many benefits beyond the field of medicine.

Reason for the need of x-rays

X-rays are included in the standard procedure when it comes to a detailed analysis of oral cavity. Now, you may wonder that your dentist normally has to check only for plaque, cavities and gum disease that can be pretty much visible though naked eye. Well, dental x-rays and radiographs can provide detailed picture of your teeth. They can show hidden areas and areas under the gums. Moreover, any change in tissues can be viewed with dental x-rays. So, it can be safely said that dental x-rays can help in designing the best course of treatment.

A few things that you can do with the help of dental x-rays include:

  • Analysis of tooth root damage, jawbone damage and deterioration, tooth decay and cavities
  • Observation of tooth position that can help in analyzing crowding and impaction of teeth
  • Making sure that children’s teeth are growing without any problem
  • Checking for tumors, cysts and abscesses
  • Planning the treatment of several oral and dental health issues based on current status of infection or illness

How safe are the dental x-rays

Talking about dental x-rays, many people tend to think about radiation risk. The matter of fact is that amount of radiation the dental x-rays text deals with is quite lower than traditional x-rays. These x-rays are so harmless that even the pregnant women can undergo these exams without worrying about the health of fetus. And the area which comes in line of x-ray beam is not usually the part of critical body systems which the human body cannot afford to malfunction. So, dental x-rays are safer than what you may think. Still, you need to discuss with your dentist regarding whether or not you need a dental x-ray.