Things Not To Be Said While Renting an Apartment

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You should know that you need to abide certain criteria in order to be able to rent an apartment. Hence, it can safely be assumed that a lot may depend upon what you say to the landlord (and also what you don’t say). Even if you have cash in your pocket and you tend to be financially capable of renting an apartment, there are certain things which you can say only to sabotage the process of you landing in your dream apartment.

I am pretty sure that you are not planning to say anything like your desire to paint the walls of apartment with an unusual and undesired color, or that you are fond of growing cannabis. But, there are certain things that you might say unintentionally, only to get out of the process.

Therefore, there are things that you should say, and also the things that you shouldn’t. Remember, there are certain things which are better left untold. Some of those are mentioned as under.

Your dislike about current landlord

The reason you are moving is one of the first questions that you are going to be asked by the landlord whose apartment you are willing to rent. Remember, your answer here should not be about how much you hate the current landlord and his/her policies. There is a chance that you dislike the legitimate policies. Saying it out to the future landlord will only make him/her wary about your general behavior. So, there are some neutral answers such as “I am looking for more space” or “your apartment is quite near to my office” that you can give.

Don’t portray yourself to be a complainer

Since you are going to live in the place, it’s pretty normal to ask some questions about apartment and some basic amenities. But, if you have started to ask about each and everything regarding what is inside and outside the apartment, it would only annoy the landlord. Furthermore, this frequent questioning will make the landlord to think about you as a complainer.

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So, when you have a lot of questions in mind, think about what you are asking and how it is relevant to your dwelling in the apartment unit.

Don’t show your excitement about keeping a puppy

Even if the apartment space appears to be pet friendly and the rules aren’t also restricting you from keeping the pet, showing your excitement about keeping a puppy wouldn’t be a pleasant thing for your landlord. The reason is that puppies tend to be more dangerous than older pets in the living spaces.

So, the better way is to mention your plan about keeping a pet in the future but do not say it repeatedly or by emphasizing it. Once you have lived in the place for some time and proved to be a responsible tenant, you will get a happy approval from your landlord.

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