What I Learned From My ‘Coronacation’ With Kids

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You know the drill. You have the highest hopes for your vacation. You pack the car with bathing suits and down jackets, soccer balls and kitten heels hoping to do it all in the 3 days you’ve stolen from the drudgery of everyday life (especially corona life) to get some me time. Then you come home with unpacked hiking boots and untouched books feeling a little bit like a failure. A little bit like you somehow wasted your vacation.

You told yourself to relax, not watch the clock, not be so strict about a schedule. It’s your time to unwind after all. But when you get there, you’re snapping at everyone to get out the door and enjoy themselves (god damnit) and you return as stressed and tired as when you left. …

Race in America

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In this racist society where white Europeans came, committed mass genocide of a darker skinned people, became a physical majority in 3.8 …

It’s not just the big profound things that are changing. It’s also my everyday small choices, habits, and tastes for better, and for worse.

I bought a membership at a warehouse store. My late great father was a huge fan of them and buying in bulk in general. Way before he joined one, he was stocking up on cases of San Pellegrino and drums of Charles Chips. I was never the bulk grocery type and suburban life gives me the heebie-jeebies but I thought ‘welllll it only makes sense right?’ when this thing hit and so I did and I’m glad I did. Hello bulk Pirate Booty.

I buy and spray aerosol whipped cream on food. On a whim, I bought organic whipped cream and now realize this is a great way to amuse the kiddos and adorn their fruit without piling on the sugar. …


Chauncey Zalkin

Creative writer and strategist / storyteller for brands. VP of Marketing at tech company. You can find me at www.chaunceyzalkin.com and www.slcontentstudio.com

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