Vegas — The lights and the bride

It is said that Vegas is a non-sleeping city. Indeed. The city is fascinating, sexy and shining in its own very unique way.


My Mom says that a woman is most beautiful when she is a bride. She says that there are only 2 types of relationships: married and unmarried. In her point of views, no matter how long you are in your relationship, no matter how romantic it is, no matter how admirable people look at your relationship and no matter how much the man loves you, only when the man has the courage to propose you and marry you, it counts. She says that marriage is the strongest, most respectful and the only legal commitment that can speak for the your relationship, that you choose to stay in thick and thin, you choose to build up your own life together, back up each other and your relationship gets recognised so your partner officially becomes a member of a whole family. To her, boyfriend-girlfriend and husband-wife are two far away concepts of relationship. She told me that a woman needs to know clearly 2 things: the first is only the man choosing to stay matters, so when you are married, all your life is with the man you marry, you need to put aside and lock all memories and emotions of your past relationships and spend the full focus to build up your family with the man who marries you; the second is never touch a married man in any personal level of a relationship, as emotions are invisible and you never know when it comes, so the best is not to give it a chance to stir up.


So I walked into what called The Strips on the last night I was in Vegas with David. From the roof of the parking lot, the whole city was sparkling, and sang its own melody. It was a very good spot to see the city. When the wind kissed my cheeks, I suddenly remember there was a thing that fascinated me about Vegas and I absolutely forgot. Marriage. I know it sounds funny to say as Vegas is known as a city of lust and no-strings-attached. I guess the movie “What happens in Vegas” and the rumour that you could get married in Vegas within 24 hours really got me. Don't get me wrong, I am not a strong fan of marriage, I used to freaking scared of marriage. But I adore love very much. And because so, love helps me wipe away my fear and see things with pure heart. I like seeing women in wedding dress, because to me, it's a symbol of love, just so magically beautiful, powerful and sacred. I believe what coming fast with excitement is always right. Because at that time, you heart speaks louder than your mind, and you don't think much, what can thrill you gets you. People don't wanna believe but there are things coming to your life in a very-hard-to-explain way. You know it when you know it. It comes when it comes. It means that that thing, whatever it is, have been waiting for so long to happen. So when it comes, you can't just resist but let it come. So that the flow flows. I expect that kind of thing in Vegas. By saying so, well I used to picture Vegas surprising me with many exciting brides when I walked around the casinos or down the streets. I imagined it with enjoyment and bliss, like I said, I adore love. And silly as it may sound, I used to be as insane as dreaming to get married in Vegas. However, having been in Vegas for 2 months, I haven’t seen any bride or that kind of crazy thing yet.

Not long after that fantasy triggered my mind, life served me. I saw a bride getting out of a casino when David and I were on our way to cross the street. She was like from heaven hearing my thoughts and appeared. Such a sign. She wore a short white wedding dress, a simple bride veils on her hair, smokey eye, high heels, a bottle in her hand, and a band across her chest “Drunk in Love”. Wasn’t it fascinating and sexy? David said it might be a bachelorette. I don’t have that kind of thing in my culture. So who cared? It was almost a bride. A Vegas bride.

Troy used to ask me “So gambling, party, and shopping, what are you coming to Vegas for?” I didn't have a clear answer for myself, let alone for him. He gave me a funny smile “so why are you coming to Vegas?”. “Because my family is here.” I didn't have better answer for it at that time.

But his questions teased my mind. I was in Vegas, so what I was looking for in Vegas. I have an interest to look for things people normally don’t search. In a city that people all over the world coming to cut loose, and have fun, get crazy, be wild and forget the life, is it just too obvious and cliché to think like others? I wanna do different things to look for something different. I decide I would look for life and for love. I wanna look for family and true friendship, I wanna look for love and bliss, I wanna look for honesty and trust, I wanna look for kindness and respect…I wanna look for the unseen. I wanna look for the real in the unreal. Indeed, Vegas is so unreal. I look for the contrast of what Vegas is built of. Contrast stands out. And what standing out is beautiful and special. That's why marriage in Vegas has its own very unique beauty. Commitment in a city of sin, love in a city of lust, the white dress in chaos. People find each other in a city supposed to getting lost. It is very sexy, beautiful and miraculous, isn’t it? People may say those couples marry today divorce the day after, and I am crazy with my thinking. But isn’t Vegas a crazy city that people can be insane with their own thinking and dreams?

So it was quite nice and pleasant the last day I was in Vegas. Vegas waved goodbye to me in a beautiful way. The next time I come back Vegas, I would still look around for a bride. It is just a funny thing to do and to see. It is just me. I wish people coming to Vegas would run into each other to commit themselves, not because they are too drunk and lost their mind, but because in the thrill and excitement, somewhere while they drink and throw themselves out, they become so awake, their mind controls less, their heart speaks more, that they don’t wanna waste any more minute of their life to get married to someone they love. If so, I would have chance to see more brides :)

Vegas, you may lose, you may win. You may lose your money. But I do hope you would win your love, it's the win of your life. I wish you be a winner in Vegas.

Vegas. The lights and the bride.