The Company That Matters

It was rather silent as I stepped into the school dormitory for the mentally-challenged kids, which was rather contradictory to what I might expect.

“Rule №1 when you are with the kids, don’t promise them anything, especially when you will come here again. They have a good memory. They’ll know if you break your promise. It’s gonna hurt them.” Jonathan, the volunteer lead said.

“It is a boarding school for the mentally challenged kids aged between 7 and 18 in Hong Kong. Most of them will leave the school over the weekend coz their family take them out for activities and family time. For some reasons, few of them have to stay in the school, maybe their parents are busy. To give them more human touch, the teachers decide to organise regular weekend activities, like today’s workshop or some outings.”

“ Each of them have their unique characters. Wai likes reading TVB schedules on iPad. Shan likes to draw. Her brother is very sensitive to characters.” Jonathan filled me in the context in 2 min.

Po Leung Kuk Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School (Shau Kei Wan)

It’s more like a play group where you sit with the kids to draw and play iPad. One of them approached me and we sat together. She asked me to draw her a boat & ocean. Then she was offered to play iPad, occasionally, she glanced at me and asked if the youtube clip she chose was nice.

Tick Tuck, tick tuck. As I watched them play, I couldn’t help wonder the role of volunteers. Perhaps I just hold the typical heretical Giver — Taker relationship between volunteers & the recipient.

As for this one, it is not about the actual ‘help’, it is the company that matters, even though you are not doing a lot together .

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