Get the best waffle recipe and make your own now

Every household in India usually have typical mornings. The dining table typically has the same dishes served. You can give a twist to your mornings by cooking something really unique. Break away from the Indian breakfast and make a foreign concept like waffles or pancakes. You can get the best waffle recipe online for reference. This works for starters and once you get a knack of it you will no longer be required to refer to any recipes. Put your culinary skills to test and make some use of good time in your kitchen. You also have another option of just stepping out and having pancakes or waffles from any of the restaurants outside. This is when you are too lazy to cook.

Pancake premix lets you make the perfect pancakes:
If you intend to make pancakes, the first step towards achieving it is getting a pancake premix. Pancake premix is basically batter. You can get it ready made or make it at your own house. Once you get your hands on the premix, store it in your fridge and use it the next day. That is how technically a pancake is made. Once the base is done perfectly the rest can be done easily. And you will know the base is perfect if it is smooth and soft. You can experiment with the toppings. You could either use fruits or add sauces of your favorite choice.

Pancake premix — Your source to healthy breakfast:
Your best source to a healthy and different breakfast is a pancake premix. The toppings and sauces come later. The first base should be proper which is done with the help of a pancake premix. They are very healthy and easy to make. Your whole day depends on how good your mornings are. Hence start good with an English breakfast like pancake. Waffles are another concept that was started initially by the Belgians. They had waffles for mid-day snack and soon these concepts became a part of Indian snacks as well. Making these snacks is the easiest. You do not have to put in a lot of struggle to make a unique breakfast. Ideally use a griddle or a frying pan to make pancake.
Waffles with the help of the best waffle recipe:
If you have a waffle iron, you can make waffles easily. You just have to per-heat the waffle iron. Add eggs, flour, oil, sugar and baking powder with some vanilla. Beat these ingredients until they are smooth. You have to pour these onto the waffle iron and just cook them till they turn golden brown. Once this is done, all you have to add are some tasty toppings. They can be anything from fruits, sauces or any salads. And your waffles are ready to eat. Serve them hot and relish on your own hand-made waffles. For a detailed process, get the best waffle recipe for reference.

Both waffles and pancakes like you see are very easy to make. You can get some of the best waffle recipe online in the form of articles or even videos. Skim through them and bring a change to your usual morning breakfast. And to make it tastier, get a pancake premix to add another dish to your plate.

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