Fabulous collection of Tacori engagement rings

A North eastern fine jeweler is the best store for largest collections of Tacori fine jewelry. Predominantly, while talking about Tacori engagement rings New York folks are highly entertained and encouraged with the Tacori collections.

Best of Tacori engagement rings:

Blooming beauty, Classic crescent, clean crescent, Sculpted crescent, Petite crescent, Reverse crescent, Dantela, full bloom, ribbon, RoyalT and so Far are the outstanding varieties of engagement rings. While talking about Tacori engagement rings New York City’s fellowmen are guided by the utmost care and guidance of the staff of North Eastern Fine Jeweler.

Since, the engagement rings are the most precious and valuable gift to be honored at the best occasion, they are made with complete dedication to beautify the personality of the holder. As far as engagement rings perturbed, better piece from the best ones are chosen with the help of the staffs in North Eastern Fine Jewelry.

Basic but characteristic features of Tacori engagement rings New York adores much are:

HT2522CU65 Tacori engagement ring is the wonderful example falls under blooming beauty category whose features are yet to be dealt with

  • It is an engagement type of ring made of 18k white gold. Also supported with other metals like platinum, palladium.
  • Significant cut of side and centre stones possessing different setting style.
  • Clarity — VS type of clarity
  • Color — G type.

There are no possibilities of selling the centre stone separately. However, the centre stone is cut into round shaped with other possible shapes of emerald, princess and oval.

The next engagement ring is recommended as best of all Tacori Engagement Rings New York City adoring much.

Tacori engagement ring 2617 RD 65PK: A finest example for reverse crescent division of Tacori. The engagement ring is ideal for the gifting in the most precious occasion.

  • Metal type — 18 k rose gold.
  • Side stone cut — round shaped.
  • Stone Setting — channel, pave.
  • Clarity — VS.
  • COLOR — G.
  • Centre stone cut — round shaped.

Most of the engagement rings are carrying the same characteristic features with slight difference in setting type and style. Diamond will be the choice of selection as side and centre stone primarily. Sometimes, it may be emerald and any other on the well and wish of the customer. Also the shipment facilities are quick and easy pursuing a 30 days return back policy is practiced under terms and conditions. Rush quickly soon!

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