Next time, guards will check these students if they have a Gate Pass authentication sticker. Also, license plates.

Though the direction points out the way in the parking area, it could be disturbing for students sitting in this area. As if it is pointing directly to those who sits there or as if they were the motorcycles (lol). It could be more appropriate if it is placed parallel to the passage way in the parking area.

There is only Waiting, no Shed.

Where’s the shed? The clouds? It may not be totally categorized as a bad design but as far I know, it’s been years since this waiting shed has been destroyed. Besides, it’ll give a negative impression from people seeing this beside a national road. This should be repaired soon… Soon? how usual is soon? wait! where’s the government!??

A basketball playing field across a crossroad. Seriously?

Surely annoying both to the motorists and players playing in this field. Motorists will be delayed, get hit by the ball (causing damage to their vehicles) or worse, cause an accident if there is a present game being held. Likewise, who wants a game being disturbed or interrupted? Come on, if you’re on the losing side, you could think of something not good to those “game-crashers”. The barangay government should locate a different playing field for this.

Prepare for a pirated movie-like viewing.

Inside that pink box is a Television set provided by the previous government administration as a means of public information and entertainment. But how can you understand the information nor be entertained if you are watching your show in the middle of the road!? asdfdhvlkw! Take note of that street sign by the way. Is it a literal Caption? or a Street sponsored project?

Windows 4

What are they building? a window made to spy a neighbor? According to the municipal engineer, they already sent a note of some sort to the owner of the building because of some of incomplete compliance of contract which then includes the bad construction of the building. This is because they directly attached the wall of the building right next to the property of their neighbor. And the most irritating part is the sense of intrusion of privacy. Ever felt being watch? Trust them, they are engineers.

Let one man lead, and the rest will follow.

Warning! Rated SPG.

2007 — Tatlong Bibe (additional)

Captured way back from year 2007, my cousins just saw a man peeing in this area. The reason behind, is that he is only peeing beside the signage, not in the sign. So my cousins impersonated the man and created their own version. Sad part is, I don’t know which side shall be addressed to fix the situation, the set up of the signage or the people’s comprehension?


Let’s be serious for a moment. The roof is made of hard plastic. However, typhoons can easily destroy the roof. Of course, it’s still made of plastic. Another reason is, it faces towards any incoming storm or typhoon. So, even if you chose to buy a roof made of steel sheet, it’ll be destroyed again, easily. A good suggestion is change the inclination of the roof. Make it aerodynamically proportioned to handle strong winds and gusts. Less resistance. Enjoy the storm. Easy Life.

Lock and Unlock from the Outside

Locking and Unlocking this door from the outside is a sure hassle. you have to narrow the opening before locking in order to assure that a human body cannot fit in their. Tip of advice, Change the door lockers, not add one.


Dangerous and unpleasant to the public. Electricians should study and learn more how to keep wires well tied up even in the future use.

Whats the purpose of the carved socket holder?

It is very annoying plugging electrical appliances such as chargers that are not plugged thoroughly. Short circuits may occur and cause fire.

Christmas Just Got Seriously Awkward

Sometimes a product design is functionally perfect, but it commits such a blatant error that it can actually offend and upset your customers.

More related designs coming up. Stay tune!

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