Why All New Yorkers Should Support the Bag Bill
Letitia James

While I appreciate your goal, I don’t think you’ve taken into consideration the fact that most New Yorkers actually reuse those plastic shopping bags if they’re intact and clean, or how people actually shop for groceries when they don’t own cars — which is certainly the case for most Manhattan residents. I know I’m not alone in my weekly/bi-weekly trips to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, in which case you’re not just talking about one reusable bag, but needing to carry enough bags to accommodate whatever you decide to buy, and then having to wash out most of the bags used for transporting produce (and of course find somewhere to let them dry out in our micro apartments).

If the goal is to be more environmentally friendly, I would imagine that using slightly sturdier materials and tweaking the bagging practices could dramatically increase the reuse of shopping bags and cost far less than that.

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