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It’s hard to watch your dreams die.

“I think it will bother me ‘til the day I die.”

While I wasn’t surprised by my Judo Olympian friend’s thoughts on missing out on his Olympic goals (the elusive Olympic gold medal), they weren’t exactly the words I was hoping to hear.

But what exactly was I hoping to hear? What words, if spoken with true love and sincerity, would help me make my peace with this seemingly disappointing chapter of my life?

And, if I knew what those words were, could I say those words to myself and believe them?

After several hours of written reflection on a…

King Leonidas struck me with one of his most philosophical, yet timelessly relateable speeches in Steven Pressfield’s “Gates of Fire.”

“When a man seats before his eyes the bronze face of his helmet and steps off from the line of departure, he divides himself, as he divides his ‘ticket,’ in two parts. One part he leaves behind. That part which takes delight in his children, which lifts his voice in the chorus, which clasps his wife to him in the sweet darkness of their bed. That half of him, the best part, a man sets aside and leaves behind. He…

One of my biggest epiphanies in developing wrestling technique came from a book about chess.

In Josh Waitzkin’s The Art of Learning, an insightful retelling of Waitzkin’s journeys to world class performances in two seemingly unrelated fields (chess and tai chi push hands), I found many insightful gems on how to reach optimal performance. In one particular passage, Josh Waitzkin recounts his early study of chess. This passage particularly struck me at that given point in time.

“Let’s return to the scholastic chess world, and focus on the ingredients to my early success. I mentioned that Bruce [Pandolfini] and I…

I slept on the bed connected to an IV. He slept on the floor.

“Hang in there, Che! We’re almost there.”

Two of my teammates on the Thai national wrestling team accompany me in the back of a pickup truck as I am being rushed to the hospital (this is legal in certain parts of Thailand). My entire body cramps. Searing pain shoots out of my right eye down my entire body, and moving in any direction takes a herculean effort. Unable to hold anything in my stomach, I throw up in the back of the pickup truck for the second time. One of the emergency staff carts me off to the intensive care…

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