Some things I’ve noticed…

When I wrote ‘A Sticky Note Guide to Life’ there was enough extra room on each page to fit in an extended riff on each comic. This is harder to do on the Instagram, so I thought I’d pull together a few of the more popular comics from this month and compile them here, complete with some extra written nonsense. Enjoy!

Here’s the thing, I know the difference between ‘You’re’ and ‘Your’ yet, sometimes when I’m writing I get it wrong, and don’t even realise till someone else reads it and points it out to me. It’s like I’ve got a split personality, one that writes which is a completely different person to the one that reads and frustratingly the one that writes stuff has no idea how to spell or use grammar properly.

The ability to ignore the real world consequences of ignoring the real world is one of my greatest abilities, I just need to somehow monetize that ability, because if there’s anything I’ve learnt, most of these things can be magically solved with money (or at least that’s what I tell myself to keep going)

Context is a strange thing. For instance, it’s perfectly acceptable to have your entire face in someone else’s armpit while you’re on the subway, but try and do that at the beach and suddenly you’re a ‘creep’ that should ‘get away from me now’

Yes, if these means you consider me a ‘boring person who doesn’t like having fun’ then I’m quite happy for you to think that because here’s the thing; you know what’s not boring and really fun? being in a nice house, and not having to dress up, or to attempt to move your body to match a song, or to even sing one. That’s my kind of fun. Just me on a couch, not being challenged.

It’s always that moment where you’ve begrudgingly accepted a dinner invitation at your friends house, which is on the same block as your ex’s place and normally you’d say no for that reason, but since the breakup most of your old circle of friends have picked your ex’s side and so you actually really need the social interaction right now. In short, as I will never have the skills or energy to go to war, this is actually the closest I get to what it might be like to be a soldier stuck behind enemy lines.

By the time I get to 40 I plan to have my own avocado plantation and be happy alone forever.

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