Photo by William Bout on Unsplash

The True Power of Bitcoin.

…and it’s not what you think.

Not since to the Dot-com boom of the early 2000’s, or jazz music before that, have so many people profited from investing in a technology they have no idea about, and no clue as to its ultimate capability.

Nobody in the land of Web 1.0 envisaged an internet that would include gif files and emojis as a form of communication, or that entire careers could so easily be destroyed by a single ill-thought-out 140 character long sentence.

And so, like that web of another time, Bitcoin is yet to evolve into the form that will ultimately define it.

Bitcoin will come to power almost every aspect of your life, for this is the power of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will not only become the global currency, but will also incredibly make Paypal somehow even more frustrating to use, such is its incredible power.

Bitcoin will be used to fuel your car, it will also drive your car. Bitcoin will also offer up inane conversations and complain about how the Bitcoins running the Bitcoin car don’t pay enough Bitcoins for an everyday Bitcoin to make ends meet. Bitcoin is very powerful like this.

Bitcoin will walk your dog, because Bitcoin is your dog, which will in turn will produce little bits of Bitcoin which another Bitcoin will pick up and put in a plastic bag made of Bitcoins because this is the true power of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will do your dating for you, Bitcoin will decide that it was a nice date but that maybe you should be friends and then just never bother following up with anything because Bitcoin knows that it doesn’t really mean anything anyway, and everyone will be happy with this, for this is how good and powerful Bitcoin is.

Bitcoin will become your unrealised dreams; it will become that anxious feeling in your chest when you make up at 3:00 am wondering why you never wrote that novel or learnt French after you told everyone you would. Bitcoin can do and be all these things.

Bitcoin will deliberately use up your sick-days from work, and accidentally send that mean text to the person that text was about. Bitcoin will forget to take your rubbish out, and then run down the street after a garbage truck made of Bitcoins, desperately trying to make it all stop.

Bitcoin will read your thoughts, because Bitcoin is your brain, and you are Bitcoin. You can run from this, but know that Bitcoin is running for you, from itself, and as itself, as you; maintaining a ceaseless, merciless Bitcoin nightmare.

For this is the true power of Bitcoin.

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