Zac Nielson

What Happened After I Quit Political Coverage for 2 Months.

A diary covering the first 8 weeks after the inauguration.

After a long and exhausting election campaign, I decided I needed a break from it all before Kanye and Meryl Streep announced their 2020 bids, and so I decided to quit political coverage all together.

Noticing that we’d filed approximately twenty eight stories covering ‘Quitting Social Media’ over the last year, my editor decided it would be a great idea for me to keep a similar diary about my experience removing myself from any political coverage.

So, on the day of the inauguration I nervously and excitedly quit all political coverage in the name of journalism. The below is a diary of those first two months.

Week 1.

This is great. I haven’t read or heard anything about Donald Trump for a week now. While I’m experiencing increasing feelings of FOMO (Fear of Missing Obama) the fact that I don’t have to hear or see his successor makes those impending feelings of doom a little easier to deal with.

Week 2.

Okay, I may have been a little too optimistic during week one. While it is nice being completely removed from political discourse, it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch up with friends now that I’m disconnected thanks to the new walls that are suddenly being built everywhere.

Week 3.

All this free time caused by my isolation is freeing up a lot of time to do things I’d previously stopped doing, like reading books! Sadly, a lot of them have been banned for some reason. Asked the librarian why, but they averted their eyes and shuffled into a back room never to return.

Week 4.

Almost a month now! It’s so lovely being free from it all. Sure, all these new signs being put up reminding everyone that ‘Freedom isn’t Free’ seem to counter that, but what do I care, it’s Friday, which means it’s my turn for food rations.

Week 5.

One of the strangest things about quitting political coverage is how indignant everyone is when you tell them you just don’t follow it any more. People are fascinated how I can survive without knowing which dissidents have been relocated to Sector 5. (formerly Wyoming) — I just laugh at them and tell them that they’re too involved and they should relax more.

Week 6.

Now that I’m no longer following political discourse, I’ve discovered that I’ve essentially replaced it by following other stuff, like sports. I was following the NBA and the NFL for a while, until they got canceled, so now I follow the district war-games which is shown on all the big screens that used to be used for advertising so you never miss any of it when you’re lining up for bread.

Week 7.

Removing yourself from all political coverage is obviously not that easy, and I often accidentally catch an address being made by Emperor Trump being played on the only television station that’s left. That said, there is at least a lot less politics going on since Congress was removed.

Week 8.

Sadly, I’ll no longer be able to continue this diary as they don’t allow writing in Sector 5. All up, it’s been a fantastic tremendous experience, Let me tell you, the best, Emperor Trump is hugely the best ever leader in the world.