Your Christmas Explained in 7 Drawings.

It’s that time of the year again, so here’s a bunch of drawings to help you get through it all.

It’s usually just after the second sibling argument, and that argument is of course not actually an argument but rather an heated debate over the specifics of the first argument,which obviously started after someone interrupted someone else, so now we’re all interrupting each other while we argue about who interrupted who and suddenly your horrible boss seems a far more reasonable person than you realised.

“Yes, it’s just a card because your gift is actually still in the mail… or at least it will be once I order it… which is happening right after I think of something to buy you”

Admit it. This isn’t about giving, this is the final battle of a year long Sibling Cold War. You’ve gone in on the offensive with a well thought out, beautiful custom-made gift for them, and so you’re pretty happy with yourself as you unwrap your sibling’s feeble attempt at your title, until you discover it’s the same gift, except what’s this? They’ve got your initials engraved on it! How could you forget the initials engraving?! With that battle lost, now you’re going to have to focus on cooking better family meals in order to reclaim that sibling superpower status.

Call this graph scientifically impossible if you like, but tell me I’m wrong. In any case, stick to the ham.

Once you’ve reached the Zone of Regret, the only answer is to head on over to Food-coma purgatory, which consists of you laid out on the couch questioning your life decisions. Of course, this is also a good time to watch a Christmas Movie with everyone else in a similar state…

…and finally, the gift you’ve always wanted.

(This dome is also good for anyone who doesn’t believe Die Hard is the BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE EVER by the way)

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