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Not the advice you asked for, but still pretty good.

There’s been a lot of articles this week telling you the best ways to survive self isolation and how work from home and all that boring stuff (my own writing included).

Well to hell with that! Here’s the advice that you didn’t ask for but deep down, you know you need.

Let’s go.

  1. If you find it weird not having a commute in the morning, recreate the experience by farting in that really small cupboard that only stores a broom and then cram yourself in there for about 45 minutes while you listen to a podcast about people who’ve made the career change you’ve always been too scared to make yourself. …

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Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

First of all, if you need advice on Coronavirus, I’d advise listening to an expert.

If however, Coronavirus has forced you to ‘work from home’ and/or just stay at home and you need advice on that, then you’re in the right place.

1. Stop calling it ‘working from home’

If you’re in the mindset that you’re ‘working from home’ you’re going to feel trapped right from the start.

Flip that framing around. Your ‘Home’ is now your ‘Studio’ or maybe even a ‘Live and Work Space’ or what about a ‘multidisciplinary habitation’? (no, you’re right, that’s too far). But in that light, your dining table is now your office, your kitchen is now either your own cafe, or a good place to have your meetings (more on that later). Your Bedroom is either a meeting room, or somewhere to nap, or alternativly a reading room. …

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Photo by Omar Prestwich on Unsplash

I always assume the person in front of me reclining their seat is flying for the first time.

I imagine them hours prior, excitedly and cluelessly packing their bags for their flight. Their first flight! Is what I imagine them telling their mother (who’s wondering when they’ll move out for good) as they frantically pack their carry-on bag full of magazines, neck pillows, thick socks, pyjamas and various liquids under 50 ml’s because that’s what the blog post on ‘maximising your flying experience life hacks’ said to do.

I imagine them arriving at the airport 3 hours before the flight and a good hour before the check-in desk opens. I imagine them being flustered and panicked as they discover there’s a weight limit and then spending 20 minutes rearranging their luggage while the increasingly aggravated queue looks on in disdain. …

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A lot of people say ‘Oh, I can’t draw’, but if you can make a rudimentary mark on a piece of paper, then technically you can draw.

I know, I know, that’s a pretty low bar, but we’ve gotta start somewhere, and I don’t want to scare you off.

So, with that in mind here’s a few tricks to take your pathetic primitive scrawls and make them marginally better. (again, let’s not raise the expectation bar too high)

Oh, before I go on, this is essentially a ‘Part 2’ of this article explaining how it’s surprisingly easy to draw comics. …

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I’ve always found the worst part about learning how to cook is that it involves learning how to cook, which like anything that requires effort, is something I’m largely against.

So, here is my guide on how to appear to be an amazing cook without having to learn any of the cooking stuff.

Labels mean you’re serious about this.

Buy some glass jars and put all your spices and stuff in them, and then get a label marker and put labels on them. …

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Photo by Nathan Waters on Unsplash

The Methods That Nobody Talks About.

First of all, apologies for that cover photo; no genuinely productive person has ever had a desk that tidy. The time is also all wrong, that should be AM rather than PM, which brings me to my first point…

1. Get up early.

Sure, this one isn’t exactly groundbreaking but it’s a fairly good place to start with the whole ‘Being More Productive Thing’. In short, it comes down to a very simple equation:

The more time you have, the more work you can get done.

So, in light of this (or as the case may be, in the dark before the dawn) if you can drag your pathetic body out of bed and throw it in the shower earlier than usual, then you’re on your way to being one of those bafflingly productive people that you assume must have assistants helping them. …

Write Now

How a former designer turned writing emails into a career.

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Photo courtesy of Chaz Hutton
Write Now provides a glimpse into how different people write for a living. Today's edition features Chaz Hutton, author and artist (Instachaaz, Draw You Maybe, and Mr. Whale). Order Chaz's prints.

Who are you?

I’m Chaz Hutton: A writing, drawing, professional idiot and comedy merchant. Currently aimlessly wandering around lovely Berlin.

What do you write?

My writing is… unrefined. I’ve never really learnt how to write properly and so a lot of what I write just sounds like it does when it comes out of my face. …

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Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I just need a romantic comedy.

Yes, I know they’re completely unrealistic. Yes, I know that smooth transition from meeting, to things going great, to some upset to overcome, to happily-ever-after doesn’t really happen in real life. Yes, I know half of them are actually just films about stalking. Yes, I know that the idea of soul mates is probably rubbish. Yes, I know. I know, I know, I know.

But I still love a romantic comedy, I just wish they were a little more realistic. …

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Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash

It’s always weird thing returning to city that you have a history with. However, returning to it with near the maximum possible amount of jet lag makes it surreal as fuck.

The wheels of the third flight I’d taken to get here touched down at about 4:45 in the morning Melbourne local time. Early enough to still be dark. Early enough that the crisp chill of the night before was still lingering. Two things that subconsciously told me this was an evening in Berlin and not the beginning of a summer day in Melbourne.

And so, two realities; mentally enjoying an evening in Berlin while my body dragged a bag of clothes through Melbourne, the former emotionally drained, the later physically so, and both too tired to reconcile with each other into any kind of stable reality. …


Chaz Hutton

I write stuff, draw stuff, design stuff, build stuff.

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