A Change in Design

Design thinking is an idea not many are familiar with and has only been implemented in organizations within the last few decades. Design thinking is a type of thinking that centers around an individual. They are ideas that improve life that most consumers overlook. In simpler terms, it is not just giving the consumer what they want, but also giving it to them in a way to make living easier. As simple as it sounds, it was a difficult change for companies to grasp.

A while back in class we learned about 5 different strategies that organizations use to change their workforce, one of which is called the Underscore and Explore method. The strategy states that management focuses on fundamental issues related to change success and allows employees the creative freedom to explore various possibilities. This is the method used to implement design into organizations.

After years of organizations constantly using quantitative data and technology to create products, organizations began to consider design to further the creation of new innovations. This allowed employees to conduct research on the lifestyles of consumers which these specific employees are then referred to as designers, as opposed to regular researchers who collect quantitative data.

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