No longer welcome in my own home

The Labour party is under sustained attack by tenured MPs and their vested interests against a democratic change that has allowed the Labour party to grow to the largest party in Europe. New members have been indiscriminately denigrated as trots, entryists, thugs, alien parasites, nazi stromtroopers and accused of destroying Labours electoral chances by people that have lost two elections, lost touch with Labour values and fear the loss of their cosy positions. Local parties have been suspended on the slimmest of pretext, over a 100 thousand have been denied a vote, executive members have lost their positions, and Iain McNicol’s army of McCarthyists workers have been snooping social media to root out Corbyn supporters. I’ve not even mentioned that thoroughly disgraceful way JC has been treated by the PLP and NEC and steps to oust him have been insulting undemocratic and bring the whole party into disrepute. The result of all this IS THAT PEOPLE ARE JUSTIFIABLY ANGRY. Now we have a reaction to 2 councillors being suspended with the loss of the control of a council. Why are we surprised? What other dirty tricks does Tom Watson have to destroy party democracy on Saturday and beyond?

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