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Paul Cantor

Paul, I live in Denver and the Rockies are a breeze to access. I tried skiing and was not inspired. You are stretching out beyond the patterns and alleys, which earning will confine us with, and that is a good thing.

Experiencing a novel situation, gives one an impression it is special and perhaps better. The grass is greener and all that. Sometimes it actually is!

I retired as a music producer , when my industry was destroyed by corruption, greed, and incompetence. I decided to leave that well paying endeavor completely, invent new days with new ways, and enjoy what music I could find to love. I became disconnected from all of my former endeavors, doing none of the functions of my former life’s routines.

Having quit completely, I never got to have the thrill of “Epstein Luck”, the finding a great undiscovered talent… the “Rainbow Unicorn”. I always believed, it is the ultimate experience I could achieve in my career. The equivalent to working in marine salvage for decades, and stumbling across a Spanish Treasure galleon, … the stuff of dreams.

What I discovered in Vermont was a lesson, that when one completely switches to a new focus, you will still be the same, just more developed. Purely by chance, at a ski resort in Killington, Vermont there it was. The Rainbow Unicorn. A local journeyman working musician with world class talent. This story is waiting to be discovered and written…..

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