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Friends, readers, Washingtonians, lend me your ears. I come not to praise Amazon, but to bury it.

In the year of our Lord, 2018, we faced challenges great and small — friends and allies of ours faded away (R.I.P. Riverby Books), and our mortal enemy announced plans to build a new base just across the river in Crystal City. Meanwhile, the floors of our fair store steadily sank beneath the weight of the wisdom contained in the 50,000 volumes stacked upon our shelves. …

by Anonymous

The readers of Capitol Hill are facing a test the likes of which they’ve never faced before.

The new manager and co-owner of Capitol Hill Books, we’ll call him A., lacks the good judgment necessary for someone holding his office and is attempting to commit acts of literary turpitude that run counter to our long tradition of offering a wide variety of reasonably priced books of all types and timbres.

But fear not, readers. I am part of a heroic resistance among Capitol Hill Books’ senior staff seeking to mitigate his most depraved and outrageous impulses.

Take our…

From left: Shantanu Malkar, Jim Toole, June Toole, Kyle Burk, Matt Wixon, and Aaron Beckwith.

Long-time employees and friends of Capitol Hill Books have purchased the store from owner Morton “Jim” Toole, who had owned and operated the store since 1995. The sale was finalized yesterday evening. The new owners vowed to preserve the fiercely independent spirit of the bookstore and ensure it maintains its place as a literary hub of the community.

Mr. Toole, a retired Navy rear admiral, ran the business successfully for more than two decades, turning the store across from Eastern Market into a neighborhood gem that has been featured in national media and attracted readers from around the city and…

See the man. In the cold half-dark of morning he sets out on foot. He traverses all manner of snow encrusted paths speckled with salt born of time immemorial. He passes brick rowhouses. He passes Full Yum carryout. And when he arrives at the opening in the earth he does submit himself to the hell-forged iron stairs.

The man stands to the left. His hand is clenched on black rubber as he is lowered into an unseen netherworld. Men and women pass on his right, assailing him with curses he does not understand. …

Things to Do at Eastern Market When You’re Dead (Broke)

For better and for worse, the Eastern Market area is not what it once was: new businesses catering to higher-end customers are popping up like dandelions after a spring storm. We now have many more restaurants, but they are much more expensive. Our bartenders are suddenly less grizzled and have trendier tattoos; some of them may not even identify as bartenders, instead opting for the dreadful M word. Yes, there are also more luxury apartments and condos, and no, you cannot afford them.

Aaron and I were scrunched into the back of our friend Maki’s white sedan on our way to a wedding reception in downtown Mexico City when we first heard of El Burro Culto (The Cultured Donkey), an invitation-only bookstore full of rare editions and located somewhere in an apartment complex in La Condesa, a trendy neighborhood just south of downtown. Or maybe it was in nearby La Roma. Maki’s husband, a writer and Mexico City native, knew the general area of the store but not the address. He believed it was in a building along Avenida Álvaro Obregón, but wasn’t…

Press Release №001

Mexico City, October 09, 2017

Capitol Hill Books Signs Agreement to Become Sister Store of A Través del Espejo Bookstore in Mexico City

Capitol Hill Books has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with A Través del Espejo (Through the Looking Glass) bookstore in Mexico City. In the Memorandum, the two stores have agreed to become “sister stores” and engage in activities that “promote friendship between Mexican and American readers, and foment increased understanding of the literary cultures that exist in each country.” …

Capitol Hill Books

Bookstore. Into selective luddism and remembering that we are all doomed. Maybe come buy our books.

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