Capitol Hill Books Signs Agreement to Become Sister Store of A Través del Espejo Bookstore in Mexico City

Capitol Hill Books
Oct 9, 2017 · 2 min read

Press Release №001

Mexico City, October 09, 2017

Capitol Hill Books Signs Agreement to Become Sister Store of A Través del Espejo Bookstore in Mexico City

Capitol Hill Books has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with A Través del Espejo (Through the Looking Glass) bookstore in Mexico City. In the Memorandum, the two stores have agreed to become “sister stores” and engage in activities that “promote friendship between Mexican and American readers, and foment increased understanding of the literary cultures that exist in each country.” The Memorandum was signed on October 9th, 2017, at A Través del Espejo bookstore in Mexico City.

The agreement emphasizes the need to counter what our stores view as the “dangerous rhetoric that arose during the recent presidential election in the United States, and which seeks to build walls between our two societies.” The Memorandum expresses the desire of both parties to “respond to said rhetoric with the creation of new ties of friendship, solidarity, and mutual understanding between our peoples so that our two countries might become better neighbors and better friends.”

The Memorandum likewise notes the important role of books in “developing a civil society composed of intelligent, sensitive individuals with egalitarian values.” Additional provisions of the agreement seek to promote periodic book exchanges between the stores, and create a welcoming environment for Mexican readers in Washington, and American readers in Mexico.

A Través del Espejo recently suffered extensive damages due to the September 19th earthquake in Mexico and is currently in the process of repairing fallen shelves and damaged walls. Nevertheless, owner Selva Hernández stated that she hopes to be up and running soon.

This is the first international agreement each of our two bookstores has signed.


Contact: @kylesburk

Left: Kyle S. Burk of Capitol Hill Books. Right: Selva Hernández, owner of A Través del Espejo 

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