Experty:The Road to Expert

Source: Whitpaper
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Do you ever forget the medical instruction before you go to sleep? Or maybe you are going to deliver a speech tomorrow but you still have some question in your professional aspect? If you don’t have the aforementioned experience, that’s fine! But never tell me that you don’t want to discuss a cutting-edge new feature on the next generation iPhone with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Corp.

With the help of Experty, these scenario would never bother you again.Moreover, you could even gain an access to tons of knowledge easier a, exchanging your personal opinion with others, and evantually become a “ Expert “.

Knowledge is Money ?

Perhaps many of you once posted a question on Reddit or Github, but maybe your question was too hard for the public, therefore nobody could answer you. On the other hand, perhaps there is no enough motivation to incentivize those experts to solve your problem.

“ Well, I would pay them for solving my problem! Could somebody help? ”

Here comes a few problems:

For the one eager to know the answer,

  1. How much should I pay for people willing to help me?
  2. Would I pay too much?
  3. What if I pay the fee, the expert takes the money and leave without any answer?
  4. If I allow a third party to pay for me, would there be any risk or legal issue?

For the problem solvers,

  1. I don’t know how to monetize my profession.
  2. Even I know how to monetize my profession, I don’t have such time to search those questions.
  3. What if I solve the problem, but I get nothing in return? My work are in vain.
  4. If I trust a third party to pay me the fee, would there be any risk or legal issue?

The aforementioned elements makes the opportunity cost of exchanging knowledge so expensive, also inconvenient. However, Experty successfully utilizes the smart contract to solve these issues on blockchain!

How to work

To begin, the one who has a question, will be named as a “ Caller” below, needs to deposit a little fund into the smart contract Experty provides, called Operation Contract, “ OC “, which could remain a 30 seconds service at least.

When the person who could answer the question, will be named as “ Recipient ” below, goes through a process called “ handshake” with the caller, the fund will be locked in OC to prevent double spending.

After the conversation, the client App of Recipient will send an “ end_call ” instruction to OC. In this way, OC will send a fixed amount of money to the recipient automatically depend on the duration of conversation. The caller could also retrieve the remained fund since the OC is unlocked.

Let’s see an example demostrated in whitepaper,

  1. Jack (a user) needs immediate support from a company he purchased a product from
  2. He navigates to the product support section of the company’s website
  3. He finds a regular support and a premium support option
  4. He chooses to use the premium support
  5. This directs him to the company’s Experty premium support profile
  6. He doesn’t have any Experty tokens to use the application
  7. He pays for Experty tokens using his credit card (such as Visa)
  8. Experty tokens are delivered to his light wallet
  9. Jack calls the premium support line, sending Experty tokens to the company’s support line every minute as dictated by the predefined rate.

Now we all understand the user flow of Experty. It seems to be pretty complicated, but you would realize it is just a piece of cake after you use it.

What could Experty also do?

Source: Whitepaper

The scenario Jack encountered is just a part of our daily life, Experty could also,

  1. Experty could be used for charity actions. For instance, celebrities could spend their time to have a private talk with fans, and donate the fee to some charity institutions.
  2. Experty could offer live streamer a way to let his or hers fans to call-in without exposing his or hers personal information. All they have to do is to copy and paste an Experty link.
  3. Experty utilizes smart contract to escrow the money. This could avoid some legal issues, and because of the attribute of decentralization, both caller and recipient have full access to OC.

I took lots of words to explain the potential of Experty. But in the cryptocurrency market, I would like to introduce a potential partnership of Experty.

Experty & Bitcoin Suisse

Who plans to use Experty? Bitcoin Suisse AG!

Maybe some of you have ever heard Bitcoin Suisse, but most people don’t know what Bitcoin Suisse is exactly be.

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a company providing cryptocurrency investment, which sits in a little town calls Zug in Switzerland. Additionally, Zug gains a cool name, Crypto Valley. Bitcoin Suisse verify the ID of their customers strictly, also known s KYC, Know Your Customer. After getting approved, you should sign another document called “ Framework Agreement ” to get the chance to participate in ICO.

All of these procedure are required, therefore the team and customers could avoid those unnecessary legal issues.

What if you counter some problems for providing ID document, you send several mails but only get some feedback after 2–3 days?

What if the deadline of ICO is near, but Bitcoin Suisse still don’t approve your application?

Here comes to Experty! Experty could solve these problems easily. Once Bitcoin Suisse deploy the service of Experty, we could use little fee to save the time between Bitcoin Suisse and us while we could still avoid legal issues.

Source: , Photo of with Bitcoin Suisse

Experty v.s. Sense token

Some people might heard about Sense token. Sense token is a project that users could use “ Sensay” to ask a question on the Internet. Then, Sensay will find a suitable guy to solve your question. After the chat, users could tip the guy by their will. After reading the introduction of Sense token, I truly believe that Experty gets some great advantages.

Source: Sense Token Whitepaper
  1. Experty allows user to search the expert they want to ask. Users could compare different experts’ profession in the profile. Also, you can search in a specific category in Experty.
Source: Whitepaper

2.Experty allows user to illustrate their questions by voice and allows the one answering question in body language by WebCam if the answer isn’t clear enough to explain in words.

Source: Whitepaper

3.Experty allows people answering the question set a decent rate by their own will instead of letting the caller to decide.

There are still lots of nice features working on Experty, if you are interested in it, please visit

Let’s jump into a brief conclusion, I think Experty indeed has a great advantages in the current knowledge exchange aspect!

Moreover, Experty is a decentralized service, user could intergrate freely with other platform, i.e. Facebook、Instagram、Twitter…etc.
All you have to do is copy and paste your personal Experty link :)

Source: Whitepaper


In the past, people gave up a chance to get some new knowledge due to high opportunity cost. Lot’s of innovative ideas vanished, because they didn’t have a chance to be discussed.

In the help of Experty,I think it would become a bond to get people closer, no matter on the relationship or knowledge :)

Experty, the road to expert.

Experty Pre-sale

Token : EXY
Token Type : ERC223
Fundrasing Goal : 9,000,000 USD or 33,000 ETH (whichever come first)
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 1000 EXY

Total Tokens: 100,000,000
Token Allocation :

33% Crowd Sale Tokens

33% Company Tokens (vested for 3 years*)

30% Partner Tokens (locked for 18 months)

1% to cover tokensale costs

3% Airdrops and bounties

Purchase Method : Via Bitcoin Suisse (ETH, BTC, CHF, USD, EUR, JPY ) or Directly (ETH)

ICO Exclusions for US, Canada, UK None Accredited Investors, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

Noted: There are no Pre-sale cap. So if the fundraising goal reaches, there will be no main sale. The unsold token will be burnt proportionally by the Token allocation


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