Listen hard, change fast.

Calligraphy lesson courtesy of MailChimp’s Night School.

In the past 3 months, I have had the privilege of interning with a world-class team of designers at MailChimp. In addition to helping serve simple and clean product designs to 15 million active users, it has been a fun journey of lavish office perks, amazingly talented colleagues, and most importantly, a professional education on humility, creativity, and independence — the three values that are at the core of MailChimp’s culture.

What is humility, creativity, and independence? Every person hired at MailChimp is introduced to these three values during their first week, and encouraged to bring their own interpretations to…

Did you know that virtual reality is not a new technology?

Seated people wearing Samsung Gear VR at Mobile World Congress.

The year of 2016 saw a huge increase of interest in VR. First of their kind VR systems have been released for consumers by Oculus, HTC, and Sony. Google followed up with the Daydream headset in addition to their already low-cost and popular Cardboard viewer. And leaders within the entertainment industry of the likes of Pixar, ILM, and Disney are experiencing an exodus of talent — whom are all leaving in pursuit of VR.

What is all this about?

A Brief History

The following is a summary of the first part of Evan Suma Rosenberg’s lecture — “Making Small Spaces Feel Large: Practical…

A more pleasant experience to crossing off items on the go

This post marks the completion of my first semester at Georgia Tech as a Human-Computer Interaction masters student. Having gone through sleepless hours to obtain formal design training from an architecture school, and hustled at a break neck speed for maximum productivity at a non-profit startup, I figured I had seen and been through it all. But the work I have accomplished in the past 4 months have exceeded both my expectations and my imaginations, in the best sense possible. …

When we speak of teamwork, we think of joining efforts - physical, tangible efforts that when aligned together, produces a result for a group cause. In other words, cooperation, where multiple operations align forces to make things happen. But the best type of cooperation does not stop there. There is another aspect to great team work: the social relations you establish with members of your team.

Social relations are less brought into light because it is hard to measure and difficult to monitor. But it is all about your attitude. Relationships are formed with attitude, for first impressions as well…

07 June 2015

A Conjurer is a doer who will whip up some MVP without giving much thought as to why their tech stack is working.

A Scribe is a thinker who only feels comfortable using libraries and code that are familiar to them.

One creates a final product without fully understanding the different components; The other must understand all the different components before putting them together in a final product.

The first achieves results by quickly recognizing a pattern, writing code in a similar fashion, then checking it only for behavioural success. Code snippets are read based on abstracted…

David Chiang

Product Designer. Evolving over place and time as a high-dimensional system.

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