How to build an online audience in 2022


Relationships are the most important things in life, as we all know. And building an audience lets you connect with so many more people infinitely more people than you would if you didn’t have some sort of presence on the Internet


if you care about having an impact, then building an audience means that you can magnify whatever impact you want to have as an individual.


Every creator needs only 1,000 true fans to maintain a fruitful, if unspectacular, career, thereby relieving the artist of the need for some of the nastier things in life as a regular job.

A- Providing value:

There’s no value in sharing a photo of your latte or your lunch unless you’re like a food blogger or something.

B- Consistency:

Everything is better when we do it consistently. You know, you get more Hench when you work out consistently, you live longer when you eat healthier. consistently, you build an audience more effectively, and you just have more fun when you are showing your work consistently.

C- Picking a specific niche:

If you’re just getting started out, then sharing kind of your productivity hacks, something like that probably isn’t going to go into too much of an audience because there are zillions of people doing that same thing.

Where to show your work

And at this point, you’ve kind of got a few options, you could go down the social media route, you could make an Instagram account, or you could make a YouTube channel, and you could show your work on Instagram, or YouTube or Tik Tok, or LinkedIn or Facebook or things like that.

What is an email newsletter?

it’s sort of an email that you send on a regular basis. It could be weekly, it could be every other week, it could be every month, and it just has a few things in it.

Platforms to write your newsletter on

There are two free options that I would recommend Substack and Revue. Both platforms are very good ones.



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Alain Yunes

Alain Yunes

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