8 Signs that you’re definitely a Tourist!

A traveler needs nothing but zeal to travel. Travellers cannot bear the monotony of schedules; they crave the bliss of pure mountain air, music of waves lapping on the beaches or the wild sounds of nature. The sights, smells, sounds, the typical attractions, local food & shopping comprise of

Here are signs of a typical tourist on their Best goa holiday trip:

1. Asking for a window on your flight:

Mostly it’s the travellers and explorer who want the window seat if it’s a grown up. The clouds, the sky and the land from above are wonderful.

2. A device — best buddy:

With a visit to a remote place and a remote language, you keep on with the Smartphone or a pill with multiple tabs loaded with data from town map, to the list of places to go to.

3. A camera hanging over your neck:

One of the standard traits is that the camera around your neck that captures the memory to remain with you. You create certain you click no matter amazes and amuse you. And with gadgets like selfie sticks, it’s become straightforward to be during an image while not asking a fellow traveller to click an image for you.

4. Learning Basic Local Language

Locals usually provide you with points if attempt straightforward greetings like “hello” and “thank you” And what is more, the individual in you’d be swift in learning the essential ways in which to raise ‘how much’? , ‘where’? Etc.

5. We are born posers!

We all simply like to pose. From Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower or Buckingham Palace pr the latest “Dil Chahta Hai’ pic on Trip to Goa.

6. Enquiring for Best Food

Travellers never hesitate to try out new tastes, flavours and food. The local, the better; from dhabas to street food stalls never shy away from a gastronomic experience.

7. Stereotyped traveler outfit

Most travellers will be found in a shirt or a tee shirt with Bermuda, comfortable walking shoes, a bunny bag tied to the waist and not to forget camera round the neck and a map in your hand.

8. Enjoy the Travel freebies

While on the flight or at the hotel, each very little gift is precious and should be saved as presents for small cousins. This includes candy, pens, tooth-picks, sachets of shampoo and sugar. After all, we have a tendency to as we are paying for it and should guarantee we get each rupee’s worth!

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