Top 5 Things to Do in Goa

Experiencing fun and adventure is always the best way to refresh you and free from all the troubles of the world at least for time being. Goa Holiday Packages provide just that. A trip to Goa can spice up your life as during your trip, you can experience all the things that you don’t try in daily life.

Yes, if you are getting fed up with city life and want a break from work, Goa is the most loved destination that you can pick from the list of travel destinations. Here are five things that you should not miss during your trip to Goa-

1.Explore the Wildlife of Goa

Wildlife sanctuaries of Goa are considered most visited by the tourists. If you love exploring wildlife, the wild side of Goa will tempt you more than anything. To name a few, Bondla zoo and Mollem wildlife sanctuary are popular among the tourists. Adding to this, here you will find Dudh Sagar waterfall.

2.Enjoy on Cruise at the Mandovi River

The cruise at Mandovi River is gaining popularity among the tourists. What you can enjoy here include lush greenery and scenic view while enjoying ride on cruise. You can make a choice between sunset cruise, sun-down cruise or moonlight cruise. Traditional Goan musicians and dancers will also entertain you during cruise ride.

3.Don’t Miss the Beauty of Tropical Beaches

If you are planning to visit with your soul mate, nothing can be more enjoyable than walking on the beautiful beaches hand in hand, making sand castles on the beaches and splashing in the water.

4.Visit Beautiful Churches

Other than beaches, Goa is known for churches. There is wide range of churches that are ancient and simply beautiful. You will find them amazingly beautiful at night. Countless people can be seen praying in churches at the evening time.

5. Enjoy Adventurous Activities in Goa

Apart from exploring beautiful beaches, Para-sailing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, Water Skiing, Water Scooter, Dolphin Watching, and various other activities tempt adventure lovers in Goa.

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