How do you “revive” dry cigars kept in a cigar box?

The first question is can you revive dry cigars that are kept in a box and the only answer; it depends. If your cigars are beginning to unravel or the wrapper has a dry, cracked appearance then you probably cannot revive it. If however the wrapper seems intact, there may still be some hope of reviving your cigar though probably not to its original quality.

There are several different techniques and most of them take some patience and a little perseverance. The first technique involves placing the dried out cigar inside a plastic container or a plastic bag that has the ability to seal. Firstly place the hygrometer inside and leave it for several hours, this will give you an initial reading to start from. Next get a sponge and place it inside the container adding a single teaspoon of water. Over the next 24 hours keep adding teaspoons of water until your hygrometer reads 70 percent. For the next several weeks maintain this reading slowly turning your cigar when applicable.

Another possible method would be to place the open cigar box in a place which gathers moisture such as a cellar and keeping them here for a week. Every few weeks ensure you are rotating the cigars about a quarter turn. Place your cigars inside your humidor at 70 percent humidity still maintaining the same rotation. The process should be complete when the cigars have been fully rotated twice though be aware parts of this process may take longer if the damage is particularly severe.

If you have neither the time, patience of equipment to go with these fail proof options then you could try an easy fix. This would involve dampening a paper towel and wrapping it around the cigar box taking care not to allow the box itself to get soiled. From here just leave it for a week and at the end of the process the cigars should be somewhat revived though probably not to the same standard as the other methods would allow.

Beware! Over humidifying your humidor will not give you the easy quick fix you want and may even shock your cigars into expanding or destroy them completely. If all else fails or you’re feeling very cautious about trying to revive your cigars you can always take them to a professional though like most things, it will come at a price.

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