How does ring gauge and length affect the taste of the cigar?

Cigars come in a number of different shapes and sizes and which one suits you depends on what your objective is when smoking. Let’s talk first about length. Quite predictable the length of a cigar dictates how much time it will take you smoke it therefore cigars which are larger are commonly associated with social events and celebrations where one might be inclined to indulge. This is important to consider if you are a beginner and may not want to be smoking a lot at first or are unsure of your own preferences and taste. Many also believe that a longer cigar smokes a little cooler than a shorter one which allows for a more pleasurable experience but the more wise suggest this is to do with technique rather than length and that it can be easily achieved with perseverance and practice.

Most cigar smokers agree, however, that length plays a very minimal role in the taste of the cigar and that the ring gauge has more of a noticeable input into the quality and structure of the cigar.

Within the cigar smoking community it is often a unspoken truth that larger cigars both in length and ring gauge are superior, offering a more complex and extended smoke. Some claim that a larger ring gauge allows a wider variation of blends to be at play and an increased volume of smoke ensuring you get the full experience from your cigar and of course with the added touch of masculinity, few have strayed from this notion. The truth is each cigar whether it differs in shape, size or taste offers a unique experience and the perfect size for one man may be a disaster for another. Despite the popularity of larger ring gauges, critics argue

That a large ring gauge may affect the quality of the burn with many avid cigar smokers claiming that they are either too loosely or tightly packed. This can lead to too much smoke passing through the cigar and causing a hot bitter taste or worse, no smoke passing through at all which can allow the cigar to go out completely. The inconsistent burning of these larger cigars means many people opt for a smaller ring gauge allowing them the same great tastes but without the commitment of several hours smoking. Ultimately though, the choice is yours and the best way to unravel the truth is to experience it for yourself.

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