How important is having a humidor, really?

A humidor is a device which is designed to create to optimum environment for cigar storage, equipped with air flow and an internal temperature of 68–72%. It is considered by most serious cigar smokers and even the not so serious as a fundamental instrument in maintaining the condition and flavours of their coveted cigars. If you intend to keep your cigars for less than two days then you may be able to store them in a bag with a damp paper towel and preserve their condition long enough to enjoy the smoke. However if you intend to keep the cigars for longer periods of time, it is pretty much essential they are stored correctly. When left out in conditions that are too hot, too cold, too dry or basically anything less than perfect, your cigars will quickly become dry or moldy and the wrapper will begin to peel and crack.

When investing in a humidor they’re several things you will need to consider. The first of those is size. You will need to pick a humidor large enough to store your cigars without squashing them or placing them close together and many people suggest buying a humidor even larger than the size you believe you will need. Many cigar shops also have rental facilities for the storage of cigars and this may be an option for you if you are not willing to invest in a larger humidor. You should be aware that if you store many different types of cigars within one humidor, it may cause them to marry. Cigars naturally absorb aromas from the environment they are in and when several are stored within a humidor together, it may cause the taste of the cigars to change. For this reason, many seasoned smokers have several humidors for cigars of different blends and tastes though best starting with one to begin with.

When selecting your first humidor ensure that the lid fits and shuts tight, though it does not need to seal. A lid that does not properly close will not be effective at its purpose, keeping your cigars in prime condition both in taste and aesthetic, which are considered of equal worth in the cigar world.

Really, the choice about whether a humidor is important or not is dependent upon your involvement in the cigar community. If you intend to smoke and purchase cigars regularly then buying a humidor should really be your first step but if you are more of a casual smoker then you may want to considering rental facilities until you’re ready to make that all important commitment.

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