Why do some cigars unravel?

There are many reason why your cigar might be unraveling. Firstly check you have cut and lit the correct end of the cigar. If you lit from the wrong side you may be smoking the cigar backwards so to speak and this can cause the wrapper to begin to unravel. Some brands such as Havana will give you an indication of which side is the head by using a double cap so make sure you closely observe your cigar for any indication of this. Alternatively it may be something that happened to the cigar before you even came into contact with it such as the manufacturer didn’t use enough adhesive or that adhesive has become less efficient over time due to poor storage conditions. This could include the cigar becoming too dry, too humid and even just getting tossed around or handled too often causing damage to the wrapper.

This problem can also occur with relit cigars as this tends to dry cigars out or because it is often necessary to make a second cut with them causing the outer wrapper to unravel. However many believe that the unraveling of the wrapper occurs usually because the cigar itself is of a poor quality and that it is much less likely to occur with premium brands so it may be best to invest to avoid this.

If your cigar has begun to unravel there are several different techniques you can try to repair the damage. Many novices will simply try to use saliva to stick the cigar back together and whilst this may seem like the logical solution, it rarely yields good results. Instead the avid smoker advises using acacia powder mixed with water until a gummy solution is formed. This can then be applied using a toothpick or similar instrument and tends to have far better results. If the wrapper has begun to unravel in the middle of the cigar, it may be necessary to design a makeshift patch using another cigar wrapper and then using the same base of acacia to seal it down, this will prevent any smoke escaping through the gap. Again, many people will opt to just cut the cigar before the unravel but this is risky, especially if you are inexperienced.

If your cigars frequently unravel despite being different brands and in different conditions, then you may be cutting too far into the cap so you may want to revisit your technique on this. Many also suggest that removing the band by pulling it over the wrapper can also cause damage to the wrapper and lead it to unravel so best to give your cigar the TLC it deserves at all times.

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