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Debt is a complicated subject in America. We have all heard horror stories about the risks of drowning in debt, but nevertheless, on average, we sink further and further into debt every year. As of 2019, the average American is $38,000 in debt, not including mortgages.

Part of the reason Americans carry so much debt is due to the idea that some types of debt are actually good debt. …

A review of common ingredients found in 5 popular face washes and 3 more natural and affordable alternatives.

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The popularity of Rachel Hollis’ new book “Girl, Wash Your Face” got us wondering if it matters what we use to wash our faces.

There are a dizzying number of face washes on the market. You can spend big bucks at a department or specialty store or just a few dollars at a big box retailer. Either way, you might be surprised by the ingredients found in your face wash. …


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