Top 15 Cheap SSL Certificate Providers

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Secure Sockets Layer is basically used by numerous business or organization to protect customer’s personal data, passwords, or credit card details.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for securing connections between a server and a network application client over an insecure network (for instance- the Internet). This enables all communications between the server and the client (browsers) to stay private. In most online operations, the ‘server’ is a website to which the browser is connected and the ‘client’ is an internet browser.

How does SSL Certificate work?

To create a secured SSL connection on a web server it entails an SSL Certificate to be suitably installed, to guarantee the safety of customer’s personal information, also their online transactions. Below is the way of how a data is being shared across secure networks-

A user connects to a website using HTTPS through a browser. The browser then requests for secure connection.

The web server will send Digital certificate containing public key to the browser.

The browser will authenticate the certificate against list of Certificate Authorities. If browser fails to recognize Certificate Authority from the list, then it may blow warning message to the client.

Now the web server reciprocates a digital signature wave to begin an SSL-encoded session.

Finally, the encrypted data can be transferred between browser and server.

SSL uses a blend of public key & symmetric key encryption to protect a connection among two machines, usually, a web or mail server and a client network system shared over the internet or an another TCP/IP network.

How SSL Helps to Build Trust?

Nowadays, the SSL certificates are a necessary part of running a safe website and successful business. This builds a great customers trust who is accessing the website for inquiring or buying a products or services. It is said that it is very easy to make a customer’s trust than to reestablish it after a security breach. According to the recent survey, there are approximately 70% of the online users has exited the website because the site lacks the ‘trust’. Establishing SSL certificates shows the trust level to the users and they experience a great safety for their private data and information.

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