Glasgow — Discover the Best of Scottish Town

There’s no denying the fact that convincing Glasgow comes across as an epitome of charm and sophistication. The largest city in Scotland has all that’s required to let one have a memorable time that’s bound to last for eternity. Take a flight to Glasgow city blessed with not few but attractions galore. Renowned for its impeccable style interesting culture and warm friendly nature of its locals, Glasgow can never be ignored for it’s enormously rich in some of the most intriguing highlights that cannot be found anywhere on Earth.

Why Visit to Glasgow?

Taking a first glance at the magnificently built Victorian buildings will make you journey back in time if you so desire. Well, legacies that have been inherited from manufacturing and trade may reflect a solemn effect, but let me bring to your kind attention that there are bars, restaurants and clubs making one of the most happening things in the UK. However, there are some who may overlook Glasgow for its capital city, Edinburgh, for whatever reason, but they need to comprehend the fact that Scotland’s largest city has been one of the most admired destinations just like its European cousins. Book cheap flight tickets to Glasgow for a pleasurable weekend break.Being a popular travel destination, with continuous flights to Glasgow from London, there’s simply no shortage to the number of tourist attractions.

Its cosmopolitan heart will leave you knocked for six when you would be offered the best in art, museums, music, dining, bars and hotel. Attractions like Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow Green, The Tall Ship and The Glasgow Science Centre are a must visit.

Flying to Glasgow from the UK

Cheap flights to Glasgow can be taken from London airports (London Heathrow, London City and London Gatwick). Well, I got on board the British Airways flight bound to Glasgow flying direct to the city. Even though I was a Londoner to whom the city seemed an hour away, I never realised that there would be fun and frolic aplenty in Glasgow. Two airports serve this compelling Scottish town with flights from all over the UK.

Hotels around Glasgow for Every Budget

There are endless options in when it comes to finding comfortable accommodation in Glasgow that you will be spoiled for choice. Hotels catering to all tastes and budgets can be found in almost every corner. You will find the perfect place within your pocket.

Weather in Glasgow

The winters in this remarkable city are cold and wet pouring some snow and little sun to Glaswegians and tourists. The months from November through March experience exceptionally low temperatures between zero and 7 degrees Celsius. And if the cold weather does not take you down and you’re in town in January, don’t forget to attend the biggest festival of the year — the Celtic Connections.

Wish you a great time in Glasgow in every way!