The 2nd Presidential Debate: What You Need to Know & When You Need To Drink

— Julia LaSalvia


The Second Presidential Debate will take place at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and starts at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT. If you have cable, it should be very easy to find. All of the major news channels will be covering it (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS).

More of a streamer? You can stream the debate on all of the major news networks’ websites or on Buzzfeed News, Politico, Huffington Post, and Yahoo.


Anderson Cooper, the primetime darling of CNN, will be sharing moderator duties with Martha Raddatz of ABC. Raddatz, who has years of experience covering global affairs, the State Department, and the White House, is known for following up with candidates so expect her to keep Trump and Clinton in line if they go off topic.


The 2nd Presidential Debate is town hall style, meaning the moderators aren’t the only ones asking the questions; half of the questions will come from undecided voters in the audience. This gives an edge to Clinton, who has a lot more experience in these types of forums. To the contrary, Trump has made the bulk of his campaign strategy focused on large rallies, where he hasn’t had to engage with voters directly. This more intimate format, where you respond directly to voters, requires extra grace and agility, something Trump has struggled with throughout his campaign.


The tape. The hot mic fiasco. Pussygate. The fall of Billy Bush. Whatever you want to call it, expect Trump to have to answer to it during the debate tonight. Hillary has yet to address the video and pundits believe she’s waiting until she’s under those bright debate lights to speak to the ole “grab her by the pussy” comment.

Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusers. Trump is claiming that Hillary Clinton is an enabler of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults and has invited multiple of the alleged victims to the debate. An attempt to knock Hillary off her game? A distraction from his recent comments? Who knows.

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches. On Friday, Wikileaks published excerpts of Clinton’s paid speeches to financial firms on Wall Street. Bernie tried to get her to make the speeches public during the primaries without luck, but Wikileaks seems to have pulled the trigger for her. The leak ended up getting very little airtime (you can thank the Trump hot mic fiasco for that) … but don’t count it as a non-issue. Many voters wonder if Hillary Clinton is too buddy-buddy with big banks and these excerpts could help voters get the answers they need. That said, we don’t know the validity of any of it yet so basically, we have a lot of questions.

Let the (drinking) games begin.


Hillary gets interrupted by Trump (while sources differ on what exactly can be defined as an interruption, most agree that in the first debate Trump interrupted Clinton somewhere between 25 to 50 times).

Trump says any of the following words: big league, wrong, China, or tremendous.

Hillary says “bait and switch” or “baited by a tweet.”

Trump says “the cyber” and makes you question if he has ever used the internet before.

Trump says “locker room talk.”


Oprah knows what’s up.

Trump deflects from “the tape” by mentioning that he’s heard Bill Clinton say or do worse things.

Hillary says “Trumped Up. Trickle down.” … Can we make debate puns a no-no plz?

Trump deflects a question about his taxes by mentioning Hillary’s emails.

Trump mentions a minority group in a way that makes you deeply uncomfortable (mainly because he says “the” first. example: “the blacks”).


One of the candidates or moderators says “pussy.”

Trump refers to Global Warming as a hoax or myth.

Trump blames Hillary for Bill’s alleged sexual assaults.


Take an extra large swig if someone mentions that Hillary smiled too much or too little during the debate… Really people?! it’s 2016. Let’s stop doing that.

Laugh it off, Hillary. You got this!