We’re moving and growing!

Welcome to the glow up

Hi all,

Starting June 4th we’ll be expanding Cheap Wine into an online magazine called Tart!

Tart will include the stories you’ve come to know from us regarding race, gender, identity, pop culture, politics, social justice, etc. But the exciting thing about the expansion is that it allows us to include content from others, from incredible people like you. We hope to create a platform featuring women, queer people, people with disabilities, and people of color to tell their stories and uplift their communities. We hope to create a space for tangible and practical activism, organizing, and good ole fashioned over-sharing. We promise consistent quality, humor, and action in our monthly issues, and to do our absolute best to represent the progress our society so desperately needs.

We would like to keep you, our amazing readers, with us as we transition. Whether you’ve seen our blog once or twice, or are a subscriber, you have been integral to a project that has been both personally and professionally fulfilling for both of us over the last two and a half years. Without you, we wouldn’t feel confident moving forward into bigger, scarier territory. We hope you’ll stick with us on this new adventure!

As we prepare to launch on June 4, please follow us on social media and get ready for the big day!

Twitter: @tart_mag_

Instagram: @tart.mag

Facebook: facebook.com/tartmagazine

Love you all,

Julia and Lena

If you are interested in writing for Tart, please email us at thetartmagazine@gmail.com.