The Far Left vs The Far Right

No, I will not support either. I will not support white nationalists or nazis or white supremacists of any kind. The far right sucks. No I will not support Antifa, the Black Bloc, and other far left movements. The far left sucks.

If you are saying in the aftermath of Charlottesville that I have to pick between these two extreme sides, then I say no, no way, screw you. I will not take either of the extremes who both thrive off of political violence, both love to bust things up and throw down and both have extreme views that I abhor.

For the last two days I have had people tell me how awful that I am for not supporting Antifa and the far left at Charlottesville…as if the only two options are the far left and the far right. Apparently I have to choose between two evils or I myself am evil and supporting nazis. WTF? No, I’m not. I’m rejecting two extremes. How hard is that to comprehend? The enemy of the enemy is not necessarily a friend. Don’t give me a George W. Bush style ultimatum: “You are either with us or with the terrorists.” Don’t do that. It didn’t work well for him.

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