How to be most productive when using a laptop.

I’ll be straight up with brutal honesty, that I suck at being productive. I promise myself everyday will be different and today will be the most productive.

So what happens everyday, I snooze the alarm, and don’t get up at 7 am to be at my laptop to start the day.

My only consolation is I juice every morning, and love it and has done tons to my health and keeps me going.

Back to being productive topic I started with. I have read loads and loads of productive articles by all the gurus you know of in this being productive space.

A few of this good wo(men), have their being productive down to a T. I’m all happy for them but none of that resonated with me.

So looks like I’m going to have find my own system through all the failures (I’ve read many times, keep failing).

Success is round the corner after you’ve failed umpteen times they say. Great examples like Hemingway, JK Rowling and Churchill.

I have not covered tools available at our disposal now we are living in age of Apps and lean development.

If there is one tool I would recommend is Google Keep. This tool is so invaluable and it costs a big fat zero, its on your phone for lucky Android fan boys and girls.

Its simple yet effective, keep lists, to do lists, save your blog posts to read later.

So give it a try (wrong word) go instead.

Now this blogging thing is getting ey and not easier, as I’m doing this for first time on Medium.

Medium is an excellent medium (did I just write that or say that).

Many reasons for that, minimal look, not clutter, ads, people are brain dumping most of time.

Medium posts can be about anything, read post of a daddy sharing his 4 year old’s phone camera skills.

I’m trying to write like a 7th grader, but Hemingway app is telling I’m 6th grader level. What do I need to do to achieve Grade 7 level.

I need to keep this post going as my goal is write 500 words a day on just about any topic I can come up with.

How did I get the idea I could write, as for years I have always told myself you are lazy writer or non existent.

I once wrote to a friend in prison, via prison online email system, it was awful, must have been few sentences.

My friend he was in remand awaiting trial and they dropped all charges after 9 months. A waste of UK tax payers money.

So lets carry on and see if I can hit my 500 word target today. In future posts I will write about all things related to life.

Life can be personal, family and business, and what the latest tech is.

I’m still using Samsung Galaxy phablet from 2012, its 2016 and I need to keep up with the Sadiq Khan’s my mum tells me.

The End. (its 516 words)

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