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Ah, Breitbart… here is a collection of articles from the last week and of the clientel that comments to every story posted there:

Why don’t we start with this story:

Breitbart comments on “Obama funded illegal abortions”

On Obama’s silence to UN against Israel:

Obama’s foreign policy decision to not veto united nation complains against Israel

Here after Meryl Streep made some comments about Trump and the White House said her opinion is clearly protected by first Amendment rights:

Response to Breitbart’s article about Meryl Streep’s speech
Comments after White House said Meryl Streeps comments fall under first Amendment rights

So yeah, took me less than half an hour to find and compile this list of Breitbart articles that cleary incide hateful comments. Actually, I had troubles finding any comment that was not hateful or at least argumentative about the nuance of Breitbart’s coverage.

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